Aziz Ansari, James Murphy, and David Chang go to Tokyo

After a Tweet last year from Aziz Ansari, GQ decided to send comedian Ansari, Momofuku empire chef David Chang, and LCD Soundsystemer James Murphy to Tokyo. This is their story. Whole thing is worth a read.

The meal demanded a nap. Then it was off to Bar High Five, owned by Hidetsugu Ueno, who has become the foremost ambassador of the Japanese cocktail movement. Stepping into the closet-sized space on the fourth floor of a building in Ginza, the ritzy shopping district, was like arriving on an advanced planet whose sole sacred text was a 1960s American bar manual—like stepping at once back and forward in time. Ueno wore a magnificent pompadour and worked from strange bottles of the kind you see gathering dust under American bars—sloe gin and blended whiskeys and odd liqueurs. His technique was astonishing: When he poured, it was in a thin stream from high above the golden wood bar, somehow perfectly filling each glass to just its meniscus point.

Aziz Ansari, James Murphy, and David Chang go to Tokyo

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