Why I don’t surf. Or golf.

I don’t even know what to say, but this guy was trying to surf and found himself riding a great white shark. In other news, you must have noticed by now that the Guardian is probably the top media outpost for wacky shark news.

Doug Niblack was trying to catch another wave before going to work when his longboard hit something hard as rock off the Oregon coast and he found himself standing on a thrashing great white shark.

Looking down, he could see a dorsal fin in front of his feet as he stood on what he described as 10 feet (three metres) of back as wide as his surfboard and as black as his wetsuit. A tail thrashed back and forth and the water churned around him.

Thanks Alex

And then in Australia, there’s a golf course that has a hazard full of bull sharks.

Why I don’t surf. Or golf.

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