Mindy Kaling profile

Mindy Kaling is awesome. Here she is getting the NY Times Magazine treatment

Kaling would most likely find both the Fey and Ephron comparisons facile, irritated as she is by the media’s tendency to define funny women in relation to one another, as if they’re all competing in a game of musical chairs. A recent “E! Online” poll incensed Kaling by asking, on the hundredth anniversary of Lucille Ball’s birth, which of three red-haired young actresses is the next Ball.

“They’re saying that the essence of Lucille Ball was in the color of her hair,” Kaling said. “Was Conan O’Brien like, ‘I’m a redhead!’? Maybe this isn’t exactly the right person, but they would never think the Lucille Ball essence could have been transferred into a man like, like Sacha Baron Cohen. Or they’d never be like: ‘Who’s the next Peter Sellers? Is it Steve Carell? Or is it Danny McBride? Now, let’s pit them against each other and talk about both of their weaknesses, because there can only be one.’ ”

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Mindy Kaling profile

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