My food stuff

Our friend Ali made a video of the pop up restaurant we put together in May. It’s only a minute and I’m psyched with how it came out.

Also, our summer project Eat at Adrian’s got a nice review in the Boston Globe.

Eat at Adrian’s is part of a motel, and the atmosphere is fairly basic, aside from the view of Cape Cod Bay. The food, however, is anything but. The menu incorporates seasonal ingredients and local seafood, including a sampler of fish charcuterie. One evening it features a pot of cod rillettes, fish pate with pickled mustard seeds, smoked salmon, and fuchsia beet-cured scallops. These are accompanied by a variety of pickles (sunchokes!), mustard, and toasts.

Click through for the rest. Yes, we have a drink called the Honey Badger.

In more exciting news, tickets for this year’s Ice Cream Showdown are on sale right now.

My food stuff

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