What I’ve been doing

Unlikely Words posting has been sporadic the last couple months, mostly because other projects have gotten more priority. I’ve been meaning to post an update on this stuff, and hosting Kottke.org this week seems like a good opportunity. First, other places on the internet you can find me posting most often: Unlikely Words Tumblr, @eatBoston, and @UnlikelyWords.

The biggest project is Eat, a food event and pop up restaurant company. My business partner, Chef Will Gilson, and I have dabbled in a little of everything over the last year or so, but things are going well. We’ve produced pop up restaurants in the Taza Chocolate Factory on Valentine’s Day and the British Consulate among other places. The Bacon and Beer Fest sold out in 2 minutes, and many of our other events sell out in less than a day. Eat at Adrian’s is our summer long pop up installation in a restaurant in Truro on Cape Cod. If you’re out that way and looking for an amazing meal, stop by. Chris Piascik does almost all of the art for our events and it’s excellent every time. Here’s me talking about pop ups on Greater Boston. Here are some pictures of our pop up in a hair salon that you NEED to see. And here’s an AP story talking about our pop ups. We’re having a good time so far, feeding people well, and making them happy though our events and pop ups. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

East Coast Soul is Boston’s best young wedding band. My friend, Dave, asked if I wanted to manage them, and how could I say no to managing a wedding band? I couldn’t and it’s awesome.

I’ve posted about Pets Are Superheroes before, but not recently. Chris and I had an idea that pet owners see their pets as superheroes and everyone else should have the opportunity, too. We haven’t been able to push this too hard lately because Chris is too busy, but I have faith he’ll figure out how to get more superheroes out there.

That’s about all that’s come to fruition lately, but there are always other things bubbling about. If you came over from Kottke, thanks for checking out Unlikely Words.

What I’ve been doing

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