El Bulli movie

El Bulli is closing on Sunday right around the time that a new documentary, Cooking in Progress, about the famed restaurant is coming out. Along with the movie, there are a bunch of interesting links out there the last couple days.

*The NY Times reviewed it here.
*With the closing, the media has flocked and told us about it. This article is indicative of the “My Meall at El Bulli” genre.
*Earlier in the month, Mark Bittman wrote about cooking with Ferran Adria.
*An interview with Cooking in Progress maker, Gereon Wetzel.
*From several months ago, but still interesting, the NYTimes talks to several chefs about Adria’s legacy. David Chang:

The fact is, he moved the entire spectrum of food in every direction, so that as a chef, even if you don’t like his style, he redefined everything you do. Closing down for half the year to do research? Changing the entire menu, 50 new dishes, every year? Amazing.

*Xanthe Clay calls Adria, “the genius that inspired a thousand restaurant disasters“.
*And an interview in GQ talking about ‘The Best Chef in the World’:

That title doesn’t exist. That person doesn’t exist. Certainly when one is talking about the best chef in the world, one is referring to the influence that person has had in the field. If you have a lot of influence, then you’re one of the best. That individual doesn’t exist, and after all I don’t work to be the best, I work to enjoy life. The consequence of that is that you’re recognized for your work. I like to be recognized, but I don’t work for recognition.

Trailer above via Kottke.

El Bulli movie

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