Sharks don’t like AC/DC?

The 2nd headline of this story says, “Eyre Peninsula’s Matt Waller has added another tip to the ‘don’t get eaten’ handbook with his discovery that Great White’s are much less aggressive when listening to ACDC – particularly ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’,” which seems awesome. However, this is the kind if irresponsible shark journalism our species can ill afford. Further down the article, they talk to a shark expert who said,

What Matt has come across I have seen in other species of sharks particularly in remote areas where sharks maybe haven’t come into contact with people or boats before and just the slightest noise will actually bring them in to see what that new thing in the area is.

That’s basically the exact opposite. Those of you about to sew a MIDI device playing ‘You Shook Me’ may want to hold off.

Sharks don’t like AC/DC?

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