Tom Haverford’s Investment Ideas

Tom Haverford told us all about some of his investments tonight. They were, “the best investment ideas I’ve ever head in my life.”

Make-A-Baby Tuxedo clothing line.
A department store with a guest list.
White fur ear muffs for men.
Contact lenses that display text messages.
Invent a phone that smells good.
Own a nightclub, call it Eclipse, that’s only open for one hour two times a year. Cover charge? Five THOUSAND dollars.

Update: Some people I’m married to think that the first idea is to “make a baby tuxedo clothing line” not make a clothing line called “Make-A-Baby”. This is valid criticism, but they’re both funny.

Tom Haverford’s Investment Ideas

One thought on “Tom Haverford’s Investment Ideas

  1. Does the internet know I know you or is it just serendipitous? I was looking up the specifics of Tom Haverford’s investment ideas from last nights show to repost on this facebook status:

    Yours was the first site I got it from… Thanks for the info! I’m Meagan, I work for the Somerville Arts Council… I’m pretty sure we’ve never officially met but I helped promote the Ice Cream event last summer.



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