2 interesting links

*A GQ interview with David Chang where he talks about plans to expand to Sydney and Toronto in 2012.

I was there last year and just fell in love with Australia—holy shit, the produce, the proteins, the fish. This place is insane. Why wouldn’t you want to open a restaurant out here? We’re going to try to use only Australian ingredients, with the exception of some fermented products from Japan and some wines from France.

*What Malcolm Gladwell reads.

Since my brain really only works in the morning, I try to keep that time free for writing and thinking and don’t read any media at all until lunchtime, when I treat myself to The New York Times–the paper edition. At this point, I realize, I am almost a full 24 hours behind the news cycle. Is this is a problem? I have no idea. My brother, who is a teacher, always says that we place too much emphasis on the speed of knowledge acquistion, and not the quality of knowledge acquistion: I guess that means that the fact that I am still on Monday, when everyone else is on Tuesday, is okay.

2 interesting links

One thought on “2 interesting links

  1. I guess Malcolm Gladwell is a tortoise rather than a hare. So if one’s magazines start piling up, what should one do? An government is overturned. Or a Royal Wedding has taken place. Or a tsunami has been cleaned up after. Is there still a point to read the articles from prior to the events? It seems to me that I am more interested in what is happening now than what is already history – but it is a shame to throw away a good magazine that is unread or only partly read.


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