Esquire’s 70 greatest sentences

I love lists like this. An interesting piece of internet history: This piece is from 2003, which is why it was posted all on one page. If it was posted yesterday, it’d be on 70 different slides to increase page views. I like the old way better.

And too much testosterone is what causes men to commit unspeakable crimes like murder and rape and The Rock and Bad Boys. –Jeanne Marie Laskas, ‘Michael Bay,’ 2001

When a writer does well, the rest of the country is doing fine. –John Steinbeck, ‘A Primer on the 30’s,’ 1960

Also, I shouldn’t have to say this, but do not, under any circumstances, put Pop Rocks in your ass. –Stacey Grenrock Woods, Sex column, 2003

via ★Tim Carmody

Esquire’s 70 greatest sentences

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