Random Facebook pages showing up in my feed

The other day, I noticed a few items in my Facebook stream that I hadn’t “Liked”. I figured it was a glitch of some sort. Then it happened again today. I went and looked at my pages and there 10 or so pages I was subscribed to I’d never seen before and would never subscribe to. For instance, I found myself a fan of Phil Fischer, a Christian musician that just completed The Tea Party Song and is asking his fans for $113K so he can get it played on Christian radio. I emailed him to ask if he knew how I had ended up liking his page, and will update when I hear back. If you check his Facebook page, this seems to have happened to other people as well.

I couldn’t find much else online about this happening to other people, except for this post on Facebook support. If this happened to you or you see any other info about it, let me know because I’m curious.

Random Facebook pages showing up in my feed

26 thoughts on “Random Facebook pages showing up in my feed

  1. I found this link when searching for Facebook likes. I had a bunch of people complaining on my Facebook about not liking me. I called Facebook and they had a glitch where people were not putting in the correct link on payperads. So you like say “Avatar”, but the actual link posts the like somewhere else.

    I don’t think it was his fault! Also, since I heard of Phil Fischer before and read your post I was concerned that he is asking people for money. I’ve been to his shows and he never asks for money. I went to his site and saw nothing of the sort. FYI.


  2. Joni says:

    I have had at least a half-dozen pages in the past three days showing up on my feed that I had never (and would never) “liked.” I manually removed them, but it’s been a couple every day for the past few days. One was called “Uberhumor,” but I can’t remember the names of the other pages. If you figure anything out, let me know. I’m not buying the incorrect link bull, because that wouldn’t explain why I had to go unlike the page. If it had just posted by accident to the wrong address, I shouldn’t have had to “unlike” them.


  3. Kirby says:

    I’ve also had said problem. The pages being liked are seemingly less-popular, or simply things I’ve never heard of before. I suspect click-jacking, or possibly some sort of new advertising technique. I removed all applications that were not developed by Facebook and amped up my privacy settings. I recommend you take similar actions. Otherwise, nothing suspicious is happening. Perhaps try cleaning out your cache/cookies, as well; tracking cookies are notorious for these sort of things. A good program would be Superantispyware. It’s fast, effective, and there’s a free version.


  4. JessiVengeance says:

    I’m having the same thing happen to me, too, and it’s getting rather ridiculous (and monotonous) having to go through my list of pages to remove things I’ve never “Liked” in the first place.


  5. Stephen says:

    Getting this a lot too. I don’t “use” Facebook, I just have a profile. So I know I’ve not liked anything, yet it keeps insisting I have for months and months. Random pages that I’ve never heard of. The most recent was a website that sold dogs/puppies called DogQuest. Now, I searched for something similar a few days ago but I never ended up on that website or their Facebook page. I wonder if Google is sharing search information to Facebook to automatically like pages that may interest us? Seems like a new way for Facebook to make a bit of extra money with personal information.


  6. NT says:

    a lot of the pages that i suddenly start liking without ever seeing before post a LOT… one WWE page ‘The Unsnuffables’ that I had never seen before 30 minutes ago has been posting constantly – so i know that i didnt see it 30+ minutes ago, and literally all i had done between the time that i didnt like it and did like it was use tumblr for about 20 minutes.

    does anyone else having this problem use tumblr? this issue doesnt seem incredibly common yet so it’s happening with an isolated group of people. i’ve run ad/virus scans and they dont find anything, so the only thing i can think of is something on tumblr. a lot of people use sketchy embeds on there so who knows what it could be.


  7. Cadi says:

    I have this problem too. I thought it may have been something to do with the Facebook Connect or just being always logged into Facebook. If I click “like” on some other website, I usually don’t have to log in or “Connect to Facebook” but I do have to actively click the link. I wondered if some sites had found a way around having someone actively click the “like” button.


  8. Megan says:

    I am having this same problem. I don’t know what is going on. Is there a place we can look to see all pages we have liked?

    NT- I have tumblr


  9. Kate says:

    This happened to me a few weeks ago.. one day a few weeks ago I logged in to find my profile had ‘liked’ about 20 random facebook pages.. realtors in Arizona, graphic designers I’ve never heard of. I figured my account somehow got hacked and changed my password, but curious if this is some scheme to get more ‘likes’ on pages?


  10. JP says:

    I am also having this problem. I also have tumblr. I log out of facebook every time after I use it, have tried deleting extraneous apps, clearing cache, etc.

    Has anybody figured out yet what’s causing this or how to fix it?


  11. Colonel Panic says:

    It’s something to do with Tumblr, either Tumblr directly or some browser addon or something to do with themes. Not sure what causes it exactly, but a cross site script activates on Tumblr in some cases which affects your Facebook presumably if you’re logged in with a cookie or something. I’ve never had the problem myself but my girlfriend has to delete a bunch of pages on Facebook several times a day because of it.

    You can stop the script from affecting you though by installing the NoScript Firefox browser extension, or the NotScripts Chrome extension if you use Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, get a better browser!


  12. Vada says:

    Same here! It started on my news feed. I simply unliked the pages. It stopped for a bit but recently it started showing up on my timeline “Vada likes *insert random completely unrelated to any of my interests page name here*” It’s quite annoying. I’ll probably delete my account if it doesn’t stop soon. I can still text friends I want to stay in common with, so I don’t really see the use.


  13. Peasles says:

    Wow, Alex, your comment about people not commenting unless they have advice was SUPER FUCKING USEFUL and just chock-filled with advice.

    Oh, wait, no.


  14. Courtney says:

    Iv been having kinda the same issue, but its with my friends list. Some how it just wants to subscribe to every one on my friends list


  15. Tim says:

    My company actually started advertising on facebook a few days ago. I noticed that we were getting several likes a day, but the people are not the types of consumers who would be interested in our niche products or services. So I searched to see if there is any discussion as to whether facebook is paying people to like company pages so that companies, like our’s, continue to pay for advertising. Now I see that it’s much worse than that…they’re just forcing users to like a bunch of random pages and users receive no benefit whatsoever.

    As someone on the other side, I’m thinking this is purely facebook’s effort to generate ad sales.


  16. Cheryl says:

    This has happened to my daughter. She’s 16 and didn’t even go on Facebook yesterday but today she had strange posts on her newsfeed. We looked into her likes and in the space of 1 minute yesterday she’d had over 20 new likes added to her page. They included, bands, cafes, wine companies, finance, health and fitness and one that was for Women using the Ovulation method to get pregnant. I’m less than happy this was done to my daughter’s account. On my own I just found wine, a doctor and a finance company. She’s changed her password so we’ll see if that helps at all. This was really the only page I found where anyone has mentioned the same thing happening.

    My daughter also has tumblr but aren’t the likes a little odd to be caused by it?


  17. Morgan says:

    My husband has all but deleted his profile- as in he has myself and one other friend on his list, he deleted all aps, all posts and photos.

    He’s not logged on in months. Still facebook shows every few days that he’s “liked” 20 or more pages. He logged on shortly after I told him about his “random liking” and changed his password and even email. Still happened.

    I went through and did a very in depth virus/malware/spyware scan (took over 8 hours!) his computer is clean- he never logs from anywhere else. STILL facebook is liking random things for him. :/


  18. Random says:

    Same I am not allowed to use facebook but my dad logged on today and it said …. ….. played 21 questions 1 hour ago to think of it I was in the shower 1 hour ago so now I am getting punished for it when I didn’t even go on and I also have all these random like and who is this person what is that.


  19. Lillian says:

    Yeah, trust me this happens. I’ve heard people say Facebook is responsible, and I’ve heard people say it’s scammers and whatnot, and it’s not Facebook’s fault. Regardless, Facebook should let its users know why it’s happening, because they DO at least know why. Also, it seems to spread among friends, interestingly. For instance, when I notice that a page that would seem like it would be less popular than it is has been liked by me and shows up on my news feed when I NEVER “liked” it, I usually find that a few other of my random friends has the page “liked” as well, even people who would have no interest in the page whatsoever. I asked a few of them, and they said they never liked the pages either. Something disgusting and unnecessary is going on, that’s for sure.


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