How Unusual Are These Animal Die-Offs?

I’ve been curious if the large number of animal die-offs was coincidence, or if the media was making a “Summer of the Shark” out of it. While the reasons put forth in this article don’t seem totally plausible, I’m going to believe them for now.

LeAnn White, a wildlife disease specialist at the U.S. Geological Survey, said bird kills occur more frequently than the public realizes. The USGS database contains at least 16 cases in the last 20 years of large numbers of blackbirds dying in contained areas.

How Unusual Are These Animal Die-Offs?

2 thoughts on “How Unusual Are These Animal Die-Offs?

  1. Tomcat1965 says:

    I would believe that this happens if not for the fact that she said 16 cases in 20yrs. Thats less than once a year. And what about all the fish and other creatures around the world in just the last week.This is not just a U.S. insident but a global one. Leaves alot of questions. And if something was happening such as polar shift or changing of the magnetic field, would our goverment be honest with us, for fear of setting about a panic state? I dont believe they would due to past experience. I think if something was happening, we would be the last ones to know.


  2. Aaron Pik says:

    It’s not 16 cases of “animals” or even “birds” dying off in 20 years. The quote is 16 cases of *blackbirds* dying off in 20 years.

    I agree that it seems like a lot of animals dying off in the past week. I personally have no sense of how often these things happen, but given that at least 2 of the larger die-offs of ocean creatures have been explained as the result of cold weather, it seems like a fair guess that it’s not terribly unusual.

    I think, as people reading information about this on the internet, we would be second-to-last to know, at worst, if something big and terrible were happening.


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