Top news stories of the decade

Pew Research Center released their list of top news stories of the decade. There were 24 stories that ranked 50% or higher on their survey of what news stories people were following. I remembered all of them except the US Airmen being released from China. Their list is an image which is probably supposed to keep bloggers from posting them, so I typed them out for you. Interestingly, October seems over represented, which probably has a lot to do with people beginning to tune in in advance of an election. Check out the full list of 24 stories at the link above.

1 Terrorist attacks on the U.S. (October 2001) 78%
2 Hurricane Katrina and Rita impacts (October 2005) 73%
3 High gasoline prices (September 2005) 71%
4 Condition of U.S. Economy (September 2008) 70%
5 Sniper shootings near D.C. (October 2002) 65%
6 Iraq war (May 2003) 63%
7 Debate over Wall Street bailout (October 2008) 62%
8 2008 presidential election (October 2008) 61%
9 Major earthquake in Haiti (January 2010) 60%
10 Debate on war with Iraq (October 2002) 60%

Top news stories of the decade

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