Twitter as Information Network

Mike Champion with a really smart look at the problem of Twitter as “information network”. Basically, it’s difficult to find Twitter accounts that Tweet only about subjects that interest you, which then creates a lot of noise. I think this might be one reason celebrities and brands are so popular; people are more inclined to find the non-basketball related musings of their favorite basketball player interesting because it’s their favorite basketball player! Mike uses the example of being less interested in the non-Ruby related musings of Ruby hackers… Until Twitter makes it more possible to follow interests, rather than accounts, it’ll face this challenge.

Twitter is increasingly being described as an “information network” rather than a social network or “fun-like-ice-cream” novelty. That seems accurate, but the challenge is that Twitter is currently designed like a social network. Even with its innovative asymmetrical following relationships what you follow on Twitter are accounts [1] not “interests”. As a result, it is difficult to consume information effectively and to tweet for disparate audiences.

PS Congrats on the baby, Mike and Sam.

Twitter as Information Network

One thought on “Twitter as Information Network

  1. Aaron P says:

    The challenge to third-party developers, then, should be to develop something that parses twitter into topics that one can then follow (through your third-party service).


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