Jimmy Fallon’s impersonations

I used to hate Jimmy Fallon the same way I hate Dane Cook. Well, a little less. Dane Cook is the worst ever. I didn’t like Jimmy Fallon in movies, I didn’t like him on SNL, and his work on Weekend Update was deplorable. However, since he’s had his own show, I’ve seen a lot of Jimmy Fallon that I’ve liked. Dane Cook stays in the dumpster, but I’m welcoming in Jimmy Fallon with open arms. A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake gave us The History of Rap, spot on verses from important hip hop songs of the last 30 years. Here he is with spot on impersonations of about 10 comedians. Skip to 1:25.

Via Whatevs.net

Jimmy Fallon’s impersonations

One thought on “Jimmy Fallon’s impersonations

  1. My thoughts exactly. Fallon was horrible, especially on weekend update, but he has really come up. His Neil Young – “Pants on the Ground” and “Rap the News” with Brian Williams are a few other recent gems.


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