Biker jumping into a pond

I’ve noticed a theme to the Unlikely Words posts this week. Still, if you were to sit there and tell me, “No, I have no interest in watching 4 minutes plus of people riding bikes down a 35 foot ramp and jumping in to a pond.” I’d call you a liar and I’d mean it. How could this not be relevant to your interests?

Via Bricks And Mortar and Alex.

Biker jumping into a pond

One thought on “Biker jumping into a pond

  1. Brandon says:

    This is awesome. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think of the ad running lately for some men’s health product, with the grey-haired middle age guy standing next to a cliff, saying “I can’t believe i used to swing over those rocks…I took some foolish chances as a teenager.”

    Buzz. Kill.


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