Mad Men Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Mad Men Quotations

Each week, Chris Piascik draws one of the better quotations from the episode and we pair it with the recap I write on his site and here.

I don’t think there were many deep themes in this episode and there was very little subtlety. Things happened. Lucky Strike is gone, they left early, and Peggy is “giving it off.”
-Peggy went to the beach with David Mamet’s daughter and somehow they ran into Abe and agreed to give him a ride home without Peggy knowing it. That didn’t make any sense, but then she took him home and they did it all night, and again in the morning. She’s forgiven him for being a cad, and now she wants him all the time.
-I should have rewinded it to see what the situation was when Trudi went into labor with the future Cosgroves. Pete was golfing with his father-in-law.
-Interestingly, last we saw with Pete and Vick’s Chemical, Pete’s father-in-law was calling him a son of a bitch. My understanding was he said that because Pete implied he wanted the entire slate of Vick’s. However, it seems to have worked out that Vick’s is at CGC with Ted Chaough.
-Looks like Ken Cosgrove has his own Ted Chaough in John Floury at BBDO, who broke the news that Lucky Strike was jumping.
-Everyone showed up on Saturday (?) night at the office, including Bert Cooper in his pajamas. Does he live upstairs or something?
-Roger faked the call to Lee Garner, Jr and pretended not to know Lucky Strike was leaving. It’s fun to imagine the scenes that could have been with Don pitching American Tobacco. On the other hand, we saw a Lucky Strike pitch already, “It’s Toasted.”
-“Everyday I tried not to think about what would happen if this happened.” “You’re the most hire-able man on Madison Avenue.” I guess this is going to be the story arc until the end of the season. It’s frustrating because most of these characters on the show for the duration. That means the agency is going to figure it out without Lucky Strike.
-I was curious which hotel Roger was in until he called Joan at the office. It just brings up the question, why not at least try? Why did he keep it a secret from the agency. He knew he would get blamed and felt like he could spin it.
-Who is Joe? Maybe the controller. Joe says, “Any questions?” and doesn’t see Danny because Danny is short.
-“Be successful.” Good advice, Don.
-“Every time something good happens, something bad happens.” This could describe the show, right? Or at least Don’s life.
-Joan takes off earring to answer the phone. It seems like she wouldn’t bother wearing earrings. She’s probably on the phone quite a bit, right? Also, is she wearing clip ons?
-I just wanted to tell AMC that those little factoids before a commercial? I don’t read them anymore, sorry.
-Pete was going from the hospital to the office to the hospital. The “Congratulations” he got when he found out he had a daughter was maybe the funniest moment of the season. I died.
-When Glo-Coat called to cancel the account, did you notice the noise on the long distance line?
-“No, but I need a favor, make sure I don’t over do it.” Pay attention to this line, it becomes important later on.
-Pete Campbell doesn’t drive a car. How will that be portrayed on Pete Campbell’s Bitchface.
-“I’m not a solution to your problems, I’m another problem.” Joan is so smart. It was sad when Roger said the thing about the night of the mugging being the last time. He really is such a child. It’s apparent in practically every interaction he has.
-“My job is to present facts, if they’re unhappy with the agency, it’s not my problem.” Interesting juxtaposition of female characters talking about problems.
-“Why do you keep making me reject you?” Peggy said this about Stan, but it could have easily been Joan from the scene before. I’m not sure why Stan didn’t tell her about the lipstick on her teeth, seems like that could have hurt their chances in the presentation. Also, my guess is she’d look in a mirror before going in to the meeting. Stan really did make her less anxious, so maybe it was all good.
-“You judge people on their work, I’m the same way. Everything else is sentimental.” Is that true, Megan? I mean… Who are you the Don Draper of secretaries?
-Oh, hi Jane. For a brief moment, I was convinced Roger was going to kill himself when he got home to Jane. Him looking at the copies of his book didn’t dissuade me from that notion. It was only when he cuddled with Jane on the couch that I was sure it at least wasn’t going to be this episode.
-The book brings up a question, when is this episode? It’s after August 15, but not much after, because Peggy was at the beach. It’s before September 15 because Roger asked for 30 days, which he didn’t get. But who knew Roger finished his book and that it was at a publisher?
-Megan was really going for it and then she got it. This was foreshadowed last week or the week before. Don did this when he was still mad at Faye, but it’s not hard to imagine him doing it even if he wasn’t. By sleeping with Don, Megan has guaranteed she’ll never do what Don does, or even what Peggy does. Sorry, lady.
-“Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in.” The music that played the episode out hints at Faye getting to be a bigger part of Don’s life. Maybe it just means he was happy she was going to help him poach a client. Maybe it means something even more, that now she’s a big part of Don’s life, he’s going to be unfaithful to her. Every time something good happens, something bad happens.
-If I did have to nail down some themes for the episode, I guess it’d be rejection. The agency was rejected, Roger, Stan, Megan should have been. But also, renewal. Pete’s daughter and what the agency will become.

-Just heard the Bill Simmons podcast with Mike Lombardi wherein Lombardi suggests the history of Lee Garner Jr and Sal could come in to play. Pretty good guess.

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

One thought on “Mad Men Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

  1. Rachel says:

    The name of the episode was “The Chinese Wall” which Faye referenced two episodes back. I think the overall theme may have been the blurry lines between work, life and sex since that is what the Chinese Wall is all about. Also, it’s 1965, getting closer and closer to the late 60’s, the dawn of feminism and the sexual revolution. I think Matt Weiner and Co. have been addressing this development all season long actually.

    I think we are also seeing the old guard fall apart. Don, Lane, and Roger are floundering. Pete, Peggy and Ken on the other hand have never been better. Especially Peggy, yowsa she had a good week.

    The sound on the long-distance call was strange. Is there a possibility that the DoD is wiretapping him? Who knows but MW doesn’t put anything into his writing without a reason and that sound was more than obvious.

    Thanks for your recaps, I really enjoy them.


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