Nonscientific Outsourced Survey

I did an unscientific survey of the second episode of Outsourced to see how many of the jokes relied on the fact that the show was set in India. I should have counted the total number of jokes so I could give you a percentage, but if you think I’m watching it again, you’re out of your mind. There were less than you might think, though. 7 total, or 9 if you count the 2 times the ‘head bobble’ which was repeated as a running joke. Most of the jokes came during the beginning or the end of the show, which I guess maybe shows the writers have an idea for what’s going to happen and then use the jokes about India as filler. Anyway, I hope the show gets canceled soon.

Nonscientific Outsourced Survey

One thought on “Nonscientific Outsourced Survey

  1. Matt says:

    Honestly, the show would be *improved* by a laugh track. None of the jokes are about India because none of the jokes are original to the show.


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