Mad Men Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

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Every week, Chris Piascik draws a quotation from the episode to go with the recap I write.

10 episodes down and there are as many balls up in the air as usual. There is a lot going on right now.
-Roger has nothing to do except babysit Lucky Strike and try not to have another heart attack. When Joan comes in with her news, he’s not even bothering with his book anymore, he’s watching a perpetually drinking chicken. “These things happen, right? Would you stop being so upset?”
-Roger was pretty sleazy in this episode, which was odd, because Joan didn’t really seem to want to keep the baby. It was just unnecessary. That is, he didn’t need to try to convince her to get an abortion, but he tried to convince her anyway. “I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.” He really did sound desperate.
-The Beatles at Shea Stadium peg this episode as mid-August, 1965. Sally Draper was excited and it was nice to see even Betty crack a smile. Well played, Don.
-I wonder how much Mad Men had to pay to license the Beatles Do You Want to Know a Secret? at the end of the episode.
-Speaking of secrets, this episode was full of them. There’s Joan’s pregnancy, which it’s not entirely clear she ended. There’s Lane’s new life in the US which he proudly shows off to his father. Lane’s father was abusive and likely not for the first time. Roger finds out about the loss of Lucky Strike and decides to keep it to himself for a bit. And of course Don. The episode was titled Hands and Knees, but only Roger was really begging. Don was looking for an exit, but he only really begged Pete for help, and not in so many words.
-Lane has a Mets pennant… for some reason.
-The Playboy Club makes its first appearance on the series even though they’ve been open for 5 years. The Wiki for the Playboy Club is actually pretty interesting. True story, I used to have one of the membership keys until I lost it in a trampoline accident. That was frustrating.
-The blacked out document in the North American Aviation meeting was a foreshadowing of Don Draper’s background check. Of course, I didn’t pick up on that. The conversation with Betty was funny when they both thought the phone might be bugged. Did you notice, he was instantly sweaty when she mentioned the questions?
-Trudy looks like one of those pink Hostess Sno-Balls.
-It’s a little unclear what sway Lane’s father would have over him, but he had no interest in talking to Lane’s new girlfriend. He did say get your house in order, either here or there, so who knows.
-“We came here for your discretion, not your judgment.” The doctor was pretty judgy, wasn’t he?
-“And I signed it without looking because that’s what I do.” Don, you have got to get a better handle on the situation.
-Did you notice that the Time Life Building doesn’t have elevator attendants? Bert Cooper presses his own buttons?
-If you thought Roger was desperate for Joan to get an abortion, he was even more desperate with Lee Garner, Jr. He convinced him to give them the 30 days, though. I’m really hoping that Lucky Strike isn’t a cliffhanger to end the season. That would be laaaaaaaame.
-Have we seen Don get a panic attack? And why is he constantly puking this season?
-Lane was preening about his new, exotic girlfriend and his father let loose on him. That is an interesting dynamic there, huh?
-Here’s a question for you. If Faye and Don are carrying on something of an illicit romance, or even one they’re keeping secret, why on earth would she walk out of the bedroom if she heard a knock on the door? There are all sorts of explanations starting with maybe she didn’t hear the knock on the door, but whatever… She heard it. Stay in the bedroom until Pete is gone.
-And Don told Faye… He’s getting looser and looser with whom he tells.
-Mad Men’s been cursing up a storm this season, but you still can’t say the f word, apparently. That even made Bert demand Roger apologize. There’s a storm coming, we’ll see.
-“You see, everything worked out.” Ah, Megan. It’s Don’s sort of MO. Get out of trouble and then do a little hound-dogging. That was an extra long look he gave her, wasn’t it?
Anything else?

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

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