On Outsourced

Last night, NBC debuted Outsourced and it was awful. This is just the latest media offering that had me wondering why there wasn’t someone involved that could have put the brakes on this piece of shit. NBC is a big, big company, part of an even bigger corporation and we’re supposed believe that no one watched this before airing it last night? I mean, that’s the only possibility, right? There’s no other way they would have put it on the air. It was awful, unfunny, and offensive. Mostly offensive because of how awful and unfunny it was, but also borderline offensive because 95% of the cast was made up of Indian stereotypes.

I can see why the actors would keep quiet about how awful this was, they’re in it for the paycheck. Maybe the directors and producers, as well… But no one higher up was afraid that a show this bad would be unable to draw advertisers? I’ve got a lot a questions about this. Someone please help.

On Outsourced

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