Mad Men Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Mad Men Quotations Drawings
Each week, Chris Piascik draws something from the episode to go with this recap.

I think it’s the middle of July and I say that as a way of introduction to this recap because I don’t have anything else.
-Wow, what an opening. Don and Faye knocking boots, loudly. And just a month ago, Don couldn’t go any further. “Lock the door behind you, as a courtesy.” Is it discourteous to leave doors unlocked in this situation? “I’m taking everything interesting with me.” It’s just an apartment, Faye, my journal is in my briefcase.
-I guess we’re through worrying about Don, huh? I had thought he was going to be a bad guy for longer, but he’s turned it around.
-Joan’s husband got called up to serve in Vietnam, which almost all of you have been looking forward to since before he even joined the army.
-“It’s a business of sadists and masochists, and you know which one you are.” This was truly Mrs. Blankenship’s finest episode. From the “Not a chance” in the crossword puzzle scene with Bert, to this line, to dying.
-“One more drink and it will come out.” The scene with Peggy and Abe was interesting. He’s so earnest and sincere. Unfortunately, Peggy isn’t a political person. Yet.
-“Most of the things that Negroes can’t do, I can’t do either and no one seems to care.” I usually don’t know the episode titles when watching or writing these, but I wanted to look it up today because I thought it’d be Glass Ceilings or something. Not far off, it’s “The Beautiful Girls.” This week was all about the ladies. The elevator shot at the end of Joan, Peggy, and Fay going down the elevator should have had the ghost of Blankenship in it. It was 3 working women at very different places in life and in the work force. Faye Miller got where she was because she made a choice to not have kids, and because as Ms. Blankenship pointed out, she opens doors without waiting to ask if it’s OK. Peggy is just not starting to pay attention to human rights, but she’s coming at it from a selfish perspective. Even little Sally Draper. She can’t stand the way things are and ran away to make a change. It’s not hard to imagine that foreshadowing future issues, but also seeing it as something all women during that time would want to do. “She died like she lived, surrounded by the people she answered phones for.” From Ms. Blankenship to Sally, girls have it tough.
-Via Jessie, Faye Miller is the name Marilyn Monroe often used to check in to hotels the mental hospital.
-“Why do we have to convince him?” Don is still playing hard to get with the clients.
-“I offered you money and I said thank you.” I just put this here because it reminded me of the scene 2 weeks ago when Don told Peggy “I give you money, you give me ideas.” “That’s what the money is for.”
-“I would have my secretary do it, but she’s dead.” If you want to get someone to do something for you, try this line. If it’s not true, everyone will get a good laugh. If it is true, it’s amazingly effective.
-Normally, they’re very good about this sort of thing, and this is admittedly nitpicking, but when Roger and Joan were in the diner, the ash on Joan’s cigarette kept changing length…
-During the mugging, Roger kept his eyes down and didn’t look the mugger in the face. And then Joan kissed Roger first. I wonder where this will go. Probably nowhere. Was this a Sal at the park moment?
-The french toast with rum was funny, but the punchline was telegraphed when Don kept eating. I chuckled.
-When Bert Cooper said he’d call Ms. Blankenship’s niece, did that remind any of you of Don having to call Stephanie? Is Ms. Blankenship the only one who really knew Bert Cooper?
-I didn’t realize this until Bert said something about it, but he doesn’t have an office. That’s why he always seems to be sitting around. I wonder where his art is.
-“Our job is to make men like Fillmore Auto, not make Fillmore Auto like Negroes.” Being from Boston, I sometimes have a hard time picking up on accents that are supposed to be Boston accents. I didn’t realize this until just now. I didn’t know the Fillmore Auto dudes were from Boston, but I suppose it makes sense.
-“It feels like it was a test and I failed it.” Nah, Faye, you did fine. Is everything a test to you? It obviously concerned you, if you were up all night. She seemed to do OK with the babysitting, though.
-“Jesus, what a mess.” I believe this will be the subtitle for the comprehensive 25 DVD box set when it comes out after the series ends. Mad Men: Jesus, What a Mess.

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

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