What’s your opinion on this?

Recently, Tom Brady was in a car accident and all of New England held their breath. It turned out he was fine, but his car was pretty badly banged up. It turns out the $97K Audi S8, was a loaner vehicle registered to a non-profit, Best Buddies, on whose board Tom Brady sits. Is this an issue? Joanna Weiss in the Globe thinks it might be.

Audi is supporting Best Buddies by giving them loaner cars. Presumably, Audi wouldn’t be replacing these cars with a check. Presumably, Best Buddies can’t really use 12 $100K cars at once and lets their board members drive the left overs…

I just can’t get fired up about this. Audi wanted to support an org by giving them cars. The org wants the support of the corporation and takes the cars. The board member drives one of these cars. Maybe it’s not pure, but neither is it especially unethical. What do you think?

What’s your opinion on this?

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