Hotel room connecting doors

I was in a hotel in Philadelphia this weekend in a relatively new hotel, and it had one of those doors connecting it to the room next door. It got me curious about them. The guy next door had the same ring tone as my wife, so every time his phone rang, we looked for her phone. And at night he snored. So I’m curious, how many people actually buy multiple hotel rooms when they travel these days? Back in the day of family vacations, I could see getting multiple rooms in the roadside motel and putting kids in one room, parents in the other. But that’s not happening at the swanky Kimpton downtown. What gives? The number of people inconvenienced by these doors has got to outnumber those convenienced by them by, what, 4 times? 10 times?

Hotels, give it a rest. We don’t need every room connected anymore.

This bothers me less than the unaged hamburger thing from last week, but I have no idea when this turned into a gripes blog. My bad.

Hotel room connecting doors

One thought on “Hotel room connecting doors

  1. Jill says:

    I totally agree! I used to travel several times a month for business and hate those connecting doors. It’s creepy and you can hear everything – TV, phone calls, snoring, f*&%$ing!
    I have actually had to switch rooms due to insufferable snoring of the guest next door. Just walk around the wall for goodness sake, or stay at an Embassy Suites hotel.


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