On McDonald’s burgers not aging

You have let me down, internet. Earlier in the week, a to do was made about the artist Sally Davies and her series of 137 daily photographs of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. The upshot is that McDonald’s Happy Meals when left out on the counter don’t really change much (as most food wouldn’t in a low humidity environment). There’s supposed to be a big shock.

Let me tell you, reader, there was. The first time I saw this story. On March 3rd of this year, BabyBites.info posted a photo of their year old Happy Meal (2 weeks later, BoingBoing posted via Consumerist). Three weeks after that, Sally Davies started her daily photo project. I don’t know if Sally Davies was inspired to start her project after seeing any of these stories, but even if she wasn’t I can’t be the only one who remembered we saw similar pictures 6 months ago. It’s not even like this was last year. I’m going to go take a minute, you get back to me when you want to share original stuff I won’t care about 5 minute from now.

McDonald's Burgers

OK, OK, people have been leaving McDonald’s burgers out forever. Jason reminded me of this, while Hubs reminded me of this Supersize Me bonus. And we must never forget one of the original internet experiments, the stinkymeat project.

On McDonald’s burgers not aging

One thought on “On McDonald’s burgers not aging

  1. That’s funny, ’cause I saw this same project years ago on the special features section of the “Supersize Me” DVD. What’s old is new again (and all that).


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