The Economics of Minor League Baseball

Basically, unless you’re drafted in one of the fist several rounds, you don’t make very much money. Depending on the state, most players make less than minimum wage, and that’s only during the 4.5 months they’re actually paid. Not very glamorous at all. Really interesting read.

But the biggest difference may very well be the money. The minimum annual salary in Major League Baseball currently sits at $400,000. Meanwhile, most players at the minor league level who haven’t reached minor league free agency are lucky to make $10,000 over the course of a season; a survey of players revealed that those in rookie ball make $1,250-1,300 a month while players in Triple-A, the highest level of the minors, can make roughly $1,000 more per month while under the contracted amount.

(Thanks, Jonah and Andy)

The Economics of Minor League Baseball

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