Mad Men Season 4 Preview Round Up

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Season 4 of Mad Men starts tonight and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be doing the weekly episode recaps again this season, but before we get to that, here’s a round up of what some on the internet are saying about Season 4 of Mad Men, along with some more general Mad Men links.

-The NY Times previews season 4 and has a paragraph or 2 about what happens in the opening episode.

-Here’s the WSJ with a look at how Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, and Jainie Bryant collaborate on the clothing for the show.

“Matt has a very strong opinion of what he wants in terms of clothes and he’ll write it into the script,” says Scott Hornbacher, the executive producer of “Mad Men.” “But Janie is one of the only people on set who can wear him down. She’s got that Southern aspect to her—where everything is said in a very polite way with a smile—but deep down she’s pretty tenacious.”

Alan Sepinwall’s preview with more info about what happens in the first episode. Also on the potential for pushback from fans this year.

The press has spent much of the last three years raising “Mad Men” up, and the show is entering the age at which critics’ darlings start to get knocked down. What once felt fresh begins to seem tired, and there’s usually a shiny new toy to distract you from the old reliable one.

On Language on anachronisms and un-anachronisms.

Flavorwire and the periodic table of Mad Men.

Esquire’s 8 lessons from Don Draper.

Postmadern Men from the New Yorker is dumb.

Everything You Need to Know to be Ready for Season 4 of Mad Men

Playboy finally scores one of the women from Mad Men, and it’s… Lois from the switchboard.

-2 posts with the title, ‘The Times They Are a Changin’. Newsweek and

16 Significant 1964 Moments Mad Men Might Tackle in Season Four. Not sure how many of these will make the cut. For one thing, I understand this season to be taking place about a year after season 3. That would put us in November/December 1964. Of course, the reported timeline has been wrong before. The other thing is the Kennedy assassination was THE defining moment of that generation… These 16 things don’t have the same stature.

How “Mad Men” transformed pop culture this slide show is off in some respects, but on in others.

-There isn’t much to James Wolcott’s blog post except this: “Having seen the episode, I will say this, however–I severely doubt that anyone will find the season opener a letdown.”

Mad Men Season 4 Preview Round Up

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