Regulation vs Non-Regulation

I read this Newsweek Tumblr excerpt of Fareed Zakaria’s column Obama’s CEO Problem. To save you the trouble, Obama’s CEO problem is too much regulation. If only there was less regulation, the top 500 American nonfinancial companies, who have $1.8 trillion in cash, would be stimulating the economy more themselves. $1.8 trillion is a lot of money and would go a long way. “The Business Roundtable, which had supported the Obama administration, has begun to complain about the myriad new laws and regulations being cooked up in Washington.”

And then, about 25 seconds later, I read this Reuters’ piece via TPM, which made the point that the regulations governing offshore drilling call for use of oil skimming material already being used in the BP oils spill, which means there really shouldn’t be any more drilling or exploration until skimming capacity is increased.

So, I would argue that there really isn’t too much regulation at all, and what there is isn’t working.

Regulation vs Non-Regulation

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