21 Best Structures in the World

Vanity Fair magazine asked 52 experts to pick the five most important architecture works since 1980. There were 132 listed, and here’s a link to the top 21. See also the complete results and a slide show on Gehry’s buildings. Kudos to VF for at least making it possible to look at the top 21 buildings on one page. Slide shows are killing the internet.

I’ve been to 2 of the buildings, what about you?

21 Best Structures in the World

2 thoughts on “21 Best Structures in the World

  1. Chris Bankston says:

    I’m very happy to see the Menil on the list (and in second place to boot). That building and the terrific art enclosed coupled with the nearby Rothko chapel make for an amazing corner of Houston.


  2. gareth says:

    I would like to agree with the above comment- The Menil is one of the most mindblowing art collections I’ve ever seen, and the building and grounds form a truly world class institution.

    Though, I’ll say I’m partial to the Twombly gallery than to the Rothko’s.

    The Seattle Library is pretty wild, as well. I didn’t always, “get it,” (weird-o-color related) but it was unlike any building I’d ever been in, so, maybe it’s just me. But, it wasn’t a haphazard building…


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