2 thoughts on “Adidas’ World Cup Commercial

  1. Original? They shoehorn celebs into a thirty year old film, that was based on another thirty year old film. And the celebs (notably Noel Gallagher) are not exactly renowned for their trailblazing ways.

    This really has been an underwhelming World Cup, as far as ads go. Remember the Cage?


  2. gareth says:

    Not to pile on to what james said, but I was particularly aggrieved by your use of the word, “original,” as well. I mean, CGI changes to Star Wars sucked a decade ago, and have not gotten better. Not into this ad at all.

    I like the Nike ad, but it reminds me a lot of their “first person,” soccer commercial from a couple years back.

    The parts with the Italian singer, and Wayne Rooney in the trailer were great, though.


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