What I really want to know about Eyeballing is when will it get combined with Bros Icing Bros? This article in the Washington Examiner is an exceptional description of the practice, mostly for the quotations. I selected a few of my favorites below.

Drug prevention advocates are warning Maryland police and schools to caution students against pouring vodka in their eyes…”They are going to go to Ocean City, and some of these idiots are going to do it and make themselves blind.”…”Vodka eyeballing” is a fairly new method of alcohol intake thrust into the national spotlight by a London tabloid. Hundreds of YouTube videos document the practice — and every time, the “eyeballer” screams in pain when alcohol meets the eye, whether by way of a shot glass or straight from the bottle. Doctors warn that the practice can lead to blinding…”Every time, it was a big spectacle where people were like ‘what the hell is that kid doing,’ ” said one graduate, who compared the feeling to getting shampoo in the eye…”It stings for a couple seconds,” he said, adding that snorting bourbon is much more popular…”It feels like a baseball bat hitting you in the back of the head — for about two to three minutes,” he said of inhaling caps full of the American-style whiskey…Maryland optometrist Alan Glazier compared eyeballing to an alcohol enema…”In essence, you could melt the cornea.”

I feel like I’m too young to wonder, “Is that really what the kids are doing these days?” And yet, is this really what the kids are doing these days?

(Thanks to Jake for sending these over and to whatevs.net for reminding me to post.


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