24 Season 8 Episode 23 2 PM – 3 PM and Episode 24 3 PM – 4 PM Live Blog3

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Last episode. This has been a long ride, the last several years of which were awful. One thing I’m hoping to get better at is cutting the chord on terrible TV shows earlier. 24 hasn’t been remarkable since the first season. It hasn’t been good since the 3rd or 4th season. It hasn’t been watchable the last 2 years. And yet I watched. I watched week in and week out. I’m a worse person because of it. I hope you can all forgive me. All that said, I’m very excited to be live blogging the FINAL 2 hours of 24.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

2:00 PM
-Interesting, 7 JBKCs for Jack Bauer in the last episode…
-Michael Madsen has an alarm that goes off whenever someone comes to the door. It must be hellish whenever the mail comes.
2:06 PM
-Michael Madsen just gave up Jack Bauer as fast as he could.
-In the 24 world, the President carries a cell phone.
-Chances that the signing for the peace agreement would happen outside in light of the terrorist attacks less than 24 hours ago. 0%
-Plausible deniablity doesn’t exist in the world of 24.
2:11 PM
-“Maybe a little quicker than you thought.” You’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS got to check the back seat before you get into a car when Jack Bauer is after you.
-That guys eyes are uncomfortably close together.
2:13 PM
2:17 PM
-Tonight’s 24 finale is generating a lot fewer Tweets/FB status updates than last night’s Lost finale.
2:20 PM
-UN Guards don’t check the back seat either.
-No surveillance cameras in the UN parking garage.
-This suturing scene is an homage to LOST!
-JBKC +1. Jack Bauer shows mercy.
2:26 PM
2:30 PM
-The construct of President Hasan’s family being the biggest advocates for Meredith Reed is an interesting an unpredicted twist. Most of the words at the end of the previous sentence were a lie.
-“You wouldn’t arrest someone for making false allegations.” And then Dalia Hasan was like, “Ohhhhhhh.”
-What happens if Dalia Hasan slaps President Taylor?
-I’ve just got to say… President Taylor REALLY stepped in it this time.
-“The FULL FORCE OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY.” So… An attempt at detonating a bomb is grounds for the US to destroy/invade a country. Got it.
2:37 PM
2:41 PM
-Jack Bauer just picked a lock with a switchblade. Which seems impossible.
-I hope Jack Bauer uses his sniper rifle to shoot truth balloons, no one would expect that.
-What’s wrong with signing the the peace agreement and THEN releasing the information?
-“Why wouldn’t she be?” President Taylor is creepy.
2:49 PM
2:54 PM
2:55 PM
-Would Chloe have field training? I don’t feel like she would. Her with a gun doesn’t seem like a great idea.
-That key opens every door in the building.
-“Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it.” Chloe should fake it instead.
-That’s another JBKC for Jack Bauer. And the 2nd sleeper hold in 2 episodes.
2:59 PM
Fox is milking this finale for everything it’s worth. We’re having commercials less than every 10 minutes. Thanks, assholes.
3:00 PM
-Wait, the Russian pres knew that President Taylor knew? That is so weird.
-Via the comments: “Notice how they brought back the “events occur in real time” message…maybe the directors have been reading your blog.” We’ll see.
-Would the Russians really consider an assassination of the Russian President on US soil an act of war? This isn’t World War 2.
-I wonder if the other world leaders ever get creeped out by Charles Logan.
3:09 PM
3:15 PM
-Places on Jack Bauer’s body Chole could have shot him that would have given him a better chance
-I don’t understand the chain of command regarding Chole/Pillar. Pillar was only supposed to be in charge of the Jack Bauer manhunt which apparently superseded all other CTU tasks…
3:16 PM
-That data card could be anywhere. ANYWHERE!
-Pillar is a moron if he thinks he can find a data card by frisking someone. Jesus.
-The torturer becomes the tortured.
-Jack Bauer should have told everyone in the room what was happening.
3:23 PM
3:29 PM
-I think there’s a trick. I think they got the recording to the right people in a twist.
-Charles Logan is really not somebody President Taylor needs around.
-“I will take your silence as tacit approval.” What they’re talking about really needs to be expressed in writing.
-This data card with the video recording… That’s not the audio recording, right? I don’t understand.
3:33 PM
-How easy it would be for President Taylor to arrest Pillar and Charles Logan and blame everything on them? Very.
-They’re about to be arrested. In 5, 4, 3, 2…
-Was Hasan ever sworn in? Did I miss that?
-Just like President Taylor to take the limelight for herself.
-Lalalala. Don’t care. Can’t care.
-Too late. They got Jack Bauer.
-Would be funny to see Pillar pick up the phone and put it up to the wrong ear.
-Pillar’s head would have been soft from getting pistol whipped earlier.
-I wonder how many people Charles Logan has killed.
3:45 PM
3:51 PM
-I’ll just use this example to complain one last time about the fact that it’s 9:46 and they’re saying it’s 3:51 PM
-I don’t think President Logan is going to make it.
3:52 PM
3:54 PM
-One more JBKC just for old time’s sake.
-Orders are orders indeed.
-They just saw the drone in the sky?
-“Release Jack Bauer immediately”? Shouldn’t they drop him off instead?
-President Taylor is going to shoot a Hellfire missile into NYC with a drone? Really? Really? They’re allowed to use drones with missiles in the US? Really?
-That was some good CTU technology that they just used. Too bad they didn’t have that for President Hasan. Too bad, indeed.
-The President telling Jack Bauer to leave the country is probably being recorded.
-FBI Agent Tim is always watching. Always judging. Always watching.
-Jack Bauer is in no condition to leave the country. He definitely needs a second to recuperate.
-Jack Bauer looking up at the drone (because he definitely knows where it is in the sky) was a nice touch.
-“Shut it down.”

I don’t think I have it in me to analyze the series/season except to say that stuff finally happened in this episode and that at least made it tolerable. I was still filled with a lot of questions like, why, when faced with multiple possibilities, characters always had to choose the dumbest, most incongruous option. Why technology bounced around from 10 years in the future to 10 years in the past. I’m happy we can all, finally, “Shut it down.”

24 Season 8 Episode 23 2 PM – 3 PM and Episode 24 3 PM – 4 PM Live Blog3

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