24 Season 8 Episode 22 1 PM – 2 PM Live Blog

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It looks as though we’re actually going to get to the end of the series finally. (For those new visitors, I’ve been live blogging 24 for a couple years. This is sort of like one of those, ‘I watch it so you don’t have to.’)

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

1:00 PM
-I like President Logan bowing to the TV… He wasn’t such a character in previous seasons. He reminds me of Willem Dafoe in Boondock Saints.
-“I can get you as far as the pay phone. After that, you’re on your own.” Because after the pay phone that’s where the monsters are.
-President Hasan and her adviser could probably put together the idea that maybe the Russians were behind
-Oh, we’re going to talk about Freedom of the Press now? President Taylor really doesn’t have any leg to stand on. She’s gone down the list of shredding the Constitution.
-Here’s Charles Logan promoting the idea of the Unitary Executive. Good stuff.
-This isn’t a rhetorical question… Why can’t President Taylor just have Charles Logan arrested?
-Come on… That’s not a tablet! That’s a smart phone.
1:13 PM
1:17 PM
-I hope Tim resigns…
-Lame, he’s a dink.
1:19 PM
-How come Charles Logan didn’t pick up the phone when Jack Bauer called him earlier?
-Now is when Jack Bauer turns into a Storm Trooper.
1:22 PM
-Why was Jack Bauer just shooting at nothing?
-That’s 2 more JBKC’s for Jack Bauer…
-The hockey mask is really a nice touch.We’ve never seen Jack Bauer as a horror movie protagonist.
1:25 PM
1:29 PM
-We’re now 7 minutes after Jack Bauer shot into a cab… How come CTU hasn’t heard?
-Oh. Now they’ve heard…
-“You didn’t here? Jack Bauer just kidnapped Charles Logan.”
-The dude with his eyes too close together… He’s at least 4 minutes behind Jack Bauer…
-Charles Logan is very, very sweaty.
-When do you suppose the last time Logan got punched in the stomach?
-Probability that Logan was going to give up the Russian? 100%.
1:33 PM
-Part of me feels like Jack Bauer deserves 2 JBKCs for taking down an ex-President.
1:35 PM
1:39 PM
-Just heard that Meredith the reporter is married to Don Draper. So there’s that.
1:42 PM
-Clearly Chloe telling Freddy Prinz in the middle of CTU is the best idea.
1:44 PM
-It strains credulity that the main Russian diplomat would have a driver with neck tattoos. Also, he was looser with the information than ANYONE in the history of 24.
-2 more JBKCs for Jack Bauer. He had no problem killing the Russian security guards. It was only the Secret Service peeps.
-Was that the same side Jack Bauer was stabbed in earlier…today?
1:50 PM
-Did Freddy Prinz just say, “He’s careless, he only cares about revenge”? I’m going to pretend that’s what he said.
1:51 PM
-This is a good twist. I’m pleased by this. Bringing together President Hasan’s lover and President Hasan’s widow.
-Could they really put Meredith Reed under arrest? Also, no Miranda Rights?
1:53 PM
-What’s wrong with Charles Logan? Why can’t he talk?
-How many is that? 5 more JBKCs? The wounded aid to Nabakovich was very insistent
1:56 PM
-I don’t think Charles Logan would give a shit if Nabakovich was killed. Seems like that would be one more person out of the way.
-Logan really needs to do a much better job preserving plausible deniablity in the people he’s serving.
-Logan really thinks that if he gets out of this he’ll still be allowed “back in the game.”
1:59 PM

Pretty awesome that next week is two hours, but only because that means the end of the series will come 1 week earlier. And that’s something that makes me happy.

24 Season 8 Episode 22 1 PM – 2 PM Live Blog

4 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 22 1 PM – 2 PM Live Blog

  1. Lovefist says:

    I think Day 6 was the worst season ever. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Although, the whole Dana Walsh sub-plot was likely the worst sub-plot in 24 history.


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