This Week On Unlikely Words

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Hi all. I’ll be guest editing this week, so posting might be a light to non-existent over the next couple days.

For all you new visitors, welcome to Unlikely Words! Take a look around, there’s plenty of internet here. To get you started, here are a few of my favorite posts: Jason already told you about Everything Don Draper Said, Everything John Locke Said, and the Comprehensive Election Round Up, but you might also want to check out Everything Tracy Jordan Said, Marshmallow Peeps On the Internet – A Study, and the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator. I also write @eatBoston about Boston food, and 815 Sentences About Lost, which is self-explanatory. If you want to get in touch, say hi here.

This Week On Unlikely Words

2 thoughts on “This Week On Unlikely Words

  1. Christopher Drake says:

    Hey Aaron. You asked for some information over on Kottke, but failed to post any means of sending information to you directly. Being a little bored, I went and did that LexisNexis research you didn’t really need because this is the internet. 😉

    I dropped it over on my domain so that it would stay stable, but I would encourage making a copy of the data as I’m known to re-arrange things and this link will eventually be dead at some point.

    Good luck with whatever this data may bring to light for you. Looks like everything was scooped initially by someone relatively unknown, only to flourish from there. It may be more valid to sit and pull based on just one media domain, for example television transcripts.


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