24 Season 8 Episode 21 12 PM – 1 PM Live Blog

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Four more shows! Four more shows! Four more shows! Four more shows!

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12:00 PM
-This surveillance video doesn’t really tell us very much at all.
-This guys are way to close together.
12:06 PM
-“I need to make them pay.”
12:09 PM
-We’re now at a point where if they haven’t shown a character for several episodes, I totally forget if they’re from this season or several seasons earlier…
12:10 PM
-See here they are questioning the unitary executive. Isn’t that what the writers want to promote?
-That guy’s eyes are REALLY close together.
12:13 PM
12:16 PM
12:22 PM
-That was pretty awesome when they privatized the office.
-It doesn’t make sense to me that anyone could make the case that the Jack Bauer manhunt is the priority for CTU. Why wouldn’t they just make Logan’s assistant the director? Why bother splitting hairs here?
-Oh, good idea, create a mobile hotspot.
-“If we can get to him, we can expose the cover up.”
12:25 PM
-Chances that the Russian dude misses whoever he shoots? 85%
12:30 PM
-Ah, the old hide the nukes in the primary schools trick!
-President Taylor seems like she’s going to have a stroke.
-And President Logan seems likes a total sketchball.
12:33 PM
-Uh, oh. There are several Russians in the mall!
-Haha. Jack Bauer is hiding in plain sight! Amazing.
-Nice job bringing Michael Madsen with him.
-Really? We’re having a gun fight in the middle of a mall?
-JBKC +4. That was some good shootin’.
12:36 PM
-How would the guy with the close eyes know that Pavel was captured? That was a presumption.
-Gosh, I can’t even look at the dude with the close eyes.
-“This isn’t your fault, sir, there were circumstances we couldn’t have been anticipated, namely Bauer.” That could be the sub title of the show. Peeps constantly misunderestimating Jack Bauer.
-Also, the dude with the close eyes going down to the mall is code for him being dead.
-2 block perimeter? How is 2 blocks going to be enough?
-This show was so much fucking better when it was actually in real time.
12:45 PM
-According to the show, it took 9 minutes to get out of the mall.
-It hasn’t taken anyone 9 minutes to do anything on this show in forever.
-The Russian secret agent has Russian gang tattoos.
12:47 PM
12:51 PM
-Did Jack Bauer just rip that guy’s nipple off?
-“I kill your bitch, I did it.”
12:54 PM
-You see? It just took close eyes about 11 minutes to DRIVE to the mall. Jack Bauer was just trying to leave it.
-Also, it would take a few more seconds to take over a crime scene…
-“I’ll give you my word.” In order for that to stick, Pavel has to accept.
-So… Torture doesn’t work?
-Torture doesn’t work. Unitary Executive bad… What show am I watching?
12:59 PM

We can’t get to the end fast enough.

24 Season 8 Episode 21 12 PM – 1 PM Live Blog

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