24 Season 8 Episode 20 11 AM – 12 PM Live Blog

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You know who is happiest about 24 ending? Mrs. Unlikely Words. She hates the show as much as I do. But without all the bloggy irony.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

“Previously on 24: The WORST episode of the season. Including those shitty ones at the beginning.”
11:00 AM
-2 episodes in a row of water boarding!
-DB Sweeney is such a dickweed.
-So Jack Bauer is going to break Dana Walsh OUT of being tortured?
-Also, Cole dies so Dana can live, right?
-“You mean let her go?” Jack Bauer is so adamant about granting immunity to Dana Walsh. Dumb.
-Wait, where in New York are there? This is a New York I’ve never seen.
-I’m sure the guard on the roof would only have a pistol. That’s a JBKC for the body slam. Not sure why the guy got knocked out from it, though.
-Jack Bauer has been checking a lot of pulses lately. He cares when people die.
-Is this an extended intro this week? No commercials for a while.
-That’s another 3 JBKC’s. The first one when Jack Bauer shot the guy he didn’t know to save Starbuck. And that’s another JBKC. Jack Bauer is shooting EVERYONE!
11:15 AM
11:19 AM
-Jack Bauer is constantly giving people his world.
-He needs to prove he’s serious. I think he should rip her fingers off one by one.
-“No, right now I’m the only thing keeping you alive.”
-Freddy Prinz, Jr is short, right? Jack Bauer is Danzig short.
-This is the year people constantly underestimated Jack Bauer.
11:30 AM
-Of all the people underestimating Jack Bauer, the Russians are the most guilty.
-Did we determine what exactly Charles Logan gains from helping the Russians?
11:34 AM
-“You’re hurting me.” “You’ll live.” Starbuck has some issues if she’s complaining about Cole hurting her arm, 15 minutes after BEING WATERBOARDED!
-Also, Cole’s high school friend would probably notice that Starbuck looked…tortured.
11:40 AM
-Starbuck was trying to do the right thing ever since she met Cole… I can think of a few other ways that that could have worked better.
-And now it’s even crazier to try to figure how Starbuck’s old boyfriend found her…
11:46 AM
Any chance this new Robin Hood movie does the arrow thing from the original Robin Hood movie?
11:51 AM
-Here are a few questions: Isn’t Chloe still in charge even if this guy is leading the manhunt? Also, no one is wondering why this guy identifies Jack Bauer and then goes to get a cell phone call? Also, is it more important to grab Jack Bauer or Starbuck?
11:52 AM
-Now they’re able to watch Jack Bauer on the satellite in real time?
-24 consistently goes from 2001 technology to 2020 technology hour by hour.
-How many of your knew Jack Bauer was going to kill Starbuck? He gave her his word and she didn’t accept so I guess that lets him off the hook, huh?
11:59 AM


24 Season 8 Episode 20 11 AM – 12 PM Live Blog

5 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 20 11 AM – 12 PM Live Blog

  1. Nice terry cloth towels. I mean if you’re going to waterboard you should really only use the best. And whatever ever you do do NOT use a ShawWow. Absorbs too much.


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