Facebook Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy

Hahahaha. The motherfuckers at Facebook are doing it again. You maybe heard about their plan this week to Facebookify the web by making some social sites you’re a part of more social. And just like last time, Facebook’s default forces you to rely on yourself for your privacy. I don’t think most people care. Hell, I don’t even think I care. I DO have a pretty strong opinion of how you’re supposed to do something on the web, though, and this isn’t it.

Want to opt out of instant personalization? Make sure to block the applications:

How do I opt-out of instant personalization?
You can opt-out of instant personalization by disallowing it here. By clicking “No Thanks” on the Facebook notification on partner sites, partners will delete your data. To prevent your friends from sharing any of your information with an instant personalization partner, block the application: Microsoft Docs.com, Pandora, Yelp.

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Facebook Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy

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