24 Season 8 Episode 18 9 AM – 10 AM Live Blog

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The crying of Jack Bauer. What will come from this? You know what will come of this? AN EMMY! Actually, here’s a question. What was Jack Bauer doing in New York City? He’s from LA.

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9:00 AM
-Ethan is back, sprite as ever. AND he stayed up all night. Curious what kind of adrenaline they gave him at the hospital.
-“This was a highly organized effort.” If it was so organized, why would they do ANYTHING they’ve done over the last couple hours?
9:10 AM
-Pretty awesome that the shirt and boots Jack Bauer got at the hospital (from an orderly??!?!) fit so nicely. The hospital might not try to resuscitate people who died, but it’s a nice service they provide.
-The red-headed Russian was involved? It’s all so circuitous.
9:14 AM
9:18 AM
-5 hours? That will get us into the last episode, right?
-Charles Logan’s fist pump was pretty awesome.
-From the comments. It’s AMAZING how quickly Jack Bauer got to the court from the hospital.
-This is the season where 24 went away the real time narrative style that THE WHOLE FUCKING SHOW IS BASED ON!
9:21 AM
-Jack Bauer respects Cole. I don’t know how true that is.
-“It’s good to be back in the game, even if it is through the rear entrance.” That’s a euphemism.
-Charles Logan just had a Secret Service agent reassigned for making eye contact.
9:24 AM
-“You think I’m going to kill her?” Well, yeah. We think you’re going to get her to want to die.
-I can’t remember Jack Bauer torturing a woman…
-No. No. No. No. Jack Bauer should NOT give Starbuck another deal. She ALREADY fucked him. Before, I was just disgusted in the show. Now I’m angry for watching it.
9:31 AM
9:32 AM
-IN 24 world, Charles Logan is the stupidest ex president of all time.
-Russian government people were giving nuclear materials to terrorists… But why?
-Ethan is going to have another heart attack.
-They should sign the peace plan and then prosecute the people inside the Russian government. Why wouldn’t they do that?
-“Peace plan.” This is novel. There aren’t really any details about this peace plan, it’s just the peace plan. Who stops fighting?
9:39 AM
I’m definitely going to see Robin Hood.
9:43 AM
-The President thinks that Chloe will be loyal to her over Jack Bauer? Doubt it!
-Chloe just hung up on the president. FYI.
-Haha. The director just told Starbuck to act like a Cylon. Nice.
9:45 AM
-9:45 AM. The President just got from wherever she was in New York City to CTU in about 6 minutes. Even with a motorcade I don’t think that’s possible.
-I don’t think enough is being made of the fact that 24 has essentially gotten rid of the narrative style that defines the show. How awesome!
-Why is the President trying to reason with Jack Bauer instead of just telling him the truth?
-“I don’t want revenge. I want justice.”
9:50 AM
KFC understands marketing less than I thought. The KFC Double Down is getting tons of viral attention. Why would they bother advertising it?
9:55 AM
-Chloe talked to the President once in a while last year, right?
9:56 AM
-They do this and make it seem like Jack Bauer is going to escape.
-And there he goes.
-When Jack Bauer steals a helicopter, do you think he DEFINITELY has a place to go? Or is he just thinking it’s time to escape?

24 Season 8 Episode 18 9 AM – 10 AM Live Blog

31 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 18 9 AM – 10 AM Live Blog

  1. BenE says:

    i like how no one cares that he’s covered in blood, they give him some scrubs to put on? they should at least give him a club soda so the stain doesn’t set


  2. BenE says:

    we’ve been going for 25 minutes, jack bauer has spent at leat 5 of those minutes crying in bloody clothes, he changed, went to court, sat through an ENTIRE BAIL HEARING, then talked to a dude, went over to CTU, and slapped a woman around


  3. dan says:

    Jack didn’t torture Dana, he beat the shit out of her. I like Cole’s “Let him play.” How doesn’t Chloe know by now how Jack does business?


  4. BenE says:

    from the blogmaster “-No. No. No. No. Jack Bauer should NOT give Starbuck another deal. She ALREADY fucked him. Before, I was just disgusted in the show. Now I’m angry for watching it.”

    so he’s already gotten fucked twice this season HEYOOOOOOOOO


  5. The thing about this double chicken KFC sandwich is that none of the people in this commercial actually look like the people that actually eat these calorie bombs


  6. scott says:

    this is a horrible episode. taylor was willing to put her daughter in prison because it was the right thing to do. but she wants to protect russians? awesome turn of event.


  7. BenE says:

    I ate a double down at roughly 2:30 pm on saturday afternoon, i have a pretty fast metabolism, i did not eat dinner that night, it was not a problem


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