24 Season 8 Episode 17 8 AM – 9 AM Live Blog

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Has there ever been a television show where the same plot twists are used year after year after year? That’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know the answer.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

8:00 AM
-Oh, yeah. What happens to Starbuck now that President Hasan was killed?
-They got the rods, the President is dead… What’s next?
-The IRK REALLY needs a succession plan in case their president is assassinated. Then the peace plan wouldn’t be in jeopardy.
-Good thing they got Adrian Brody to play the EMT who killed the terrorist. You know?
-It sure was nice for the writers of ’24’ to wrap this season up in 15 episodes…
-Oh, the Russians were behind everything. Glad to know it was them who suggested the convoluted idea of stealing nuclear fuel rods, threatening the President, giving up the bomb, killing the IRK President, when, you know, they could have just had the IRK’s President’s security chief kill him.
-The Russian is pretty blase about killing Jack Bauer. He obviously hasn’t been watching the past couple seasons.
8:08 AM
8:13 AM
-Oh, good. The IRK doesn’t have a succession plan at all. The president’s wife can just be appointed. Good stuff. That’s democracy!
8:18 AM
-Oh, yeah, Chloe O’Brien is definitely the right person to lead CTU. SHE’S NOT EVEN A FREAKING EMPLOYEE OF CTU.
-Jack Bauer says it’s kissy time. KISSY TIME NOW!
-Just so we’re all clear, that was Renee humping Jack Bauer in the window.
8:23 AM
-Totally missed the scene between President Taylor and the Russian dude. Hope it wasn’t important.
-I think they usually give the Head of CTU a day or 2 for an investigation before they shitcan him, but I don’t know. I could be wrong.
-The drug that Samir got was the slowest acting heart attack drug ever.
8:35 AM
8:39 AM
8:42 AM
-President Logan is a weirdo.
-I wonder if Logan vs Taylor is what it’s like when Bush goes to visit Obama.
-Both Logan and Taylor have very, very, very blue eyes. At least in HD.
8:45 AM
8:51 AM
-Jon’s right, could totally imagine Renee getting it now.
-Ahahahah. Jon’s good.
-I guess Jack Bauer doesn’t live too many flights up.
-I wonder if Renee lost all that weight so Jack Bauer could carry her down the stairs.
8:56 AM
-OK, so they’re going to use satellite and rewind the feed 3 minutes. They couldn’t do that for the blue Prius, though.
-On ER, they do CPR to keep someone alive for 45 minutes. On 24, they do CPR for 35 seconds before calling it. One of these shows is doing it wrong.
8:59 AM

Interestingly, the last 6 hours of the season will be about securing peace as opposed to chasing terrorists. Maybe. Also interesting, the titles of a third of this season’s 24 posts have been wrong. Really cocked that up. Thanks for all your help figuring that out.

24 Season 8 Episode 17 8 AM – 9 AM Live Blog

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