24 Season 8 Episode 15 6 AM – 7 AM and Episode 16 7 AM – 8 AM Live Blog

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I can’t believe they’re making us watch 2 hours tonight. In the words of Ethan, “I’m begging you, don’t do this.”

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

6:00 AM
-Well, the tables have turned, haven’t they?
-Jack Bauer is going to have to do some MacGyver stuff to get out of that room.
6:06 AM
-I like the General trying to bully the terrorist and getting hung up on…
6:09 AM
-Wow, 7 seconds. That was cutting it close.
-You can shut bombs off with a watch?
6:10 AM
6:15 AM
-Jack Bauer just put his elbow through a wire reinforced window. That’s tough.
-“Can you hear me now?”
-Uh, Jack Bauer is going to take a taxi?
-Wait, didn’t Jack Bauer just hail a taxi? OH, I wasn’t really paying attention. He got a taxi for the other peeps.
6:20 AM
-The special forces guy is kind of dumb, huh?
-The terrorists really did trade the bomb for Hasan? Why would they do that? There’s no reason for them to do that.
-The special forces dude is lucky the van wasn’t booby trapped.
6:24 AM
-Does slapping by the President constitute torture? I think it does.
6:26 AM
6:31 AM
-The velocity with which
6:32 AM
-The problem with Starbuck being the mole is that she was so freaking sketchy earlier in the day that she blew her cover without blowing her cover.
-No cell phones in CTU.
6:33 AM
6:36 AM
6:41 AM
-“Jack Bauer and CTU are running the operation.” You can’t feel safer than that.
-How would Jack Bauer be able to catch up to them?
-Starbuck is going to kill Arlo, right?
6:48 AM
6:52 AM
-I wonder if it galls Jack Bauer to do the chase in a Hyundai. It’s too bad they couldn’t get Mercedes to sponsor.
6:54 AM
-The cell phones work IN the parking garage.
-Nice touch landing the truck on the passenger side of the vehicle.
-Good thing the terrorists were waiting in the parking garage.
6:59 AM
-Just so we’re all clear. CTU was able to go back in time to start following a vehicle as it left a parking space. So, why don’t they just go through the satellites THAT WERE ALREADY POSITIONED and follow ALL OF THE FUCKING CARS THAT LEAVE THE PARKING GARAGE. They know he’s in the garage somewhere. Follow all of the cares that leave.

7:00 AM
-Starbuck is so annoying. Smug. Condescending. I hate her.
-They know which car the President was in. But they can’t track it for…some reason.
-The technology swings in this show, from what they can do to what they can do does not follow any track.
7:04 AM
-Oh, good. The Russians are going to get involved.
-How did the Russians know Hasan was kidnapped?
-Jack Bauer just uploaded cell phone data from a Blackberry while driving, that technology exists. Finding a blue Prius in NYC is impossible.
7:09 AM
-Actually impressed with how good the rent a cops that guard CTU are. Usually they’re the worst.
-Starbuck would have gone through the windshield because she hadn’t put her seat belt on.
7:12 AM
7:17 AM
-“Not an easy task.” Apparently it is possible for someone to do that.
7:19 AM
-Haha, Jono called it. Immunity. She wants immunity AND a clean record AND compensation.
-Which deal went south that Starbuck lost a lot of money on?
-“There’s been enough screw ups for one day, don’t you think?” Except… They would have gotten Hasan if it wasn’t for her…
7:23 AM
-LOOK. There’s the blue Prius right there. How hard would it be to just get all NYPD to pull over all blue Priuses in the area of the parking garage? Why do I even bother?
-Why isn’t that kid in school?
-Also… Did the terrorists go through all that trouble with the fuel rods JUST to kidnap Hasan? I’ve got to think that if they had Hasan’s head of security in their pocket, they could have just had him delivered. They CHOSE the hard way.
7:28 AM
7:32 AM
-I hate how I write this live blog. I hate that all of my criticisms have to be framed as a question. I just can’t believe we’re expected to believe this stuff. The US government in 24 world gives SO many grants of immunity it’s disrespectful to us as viewers.
7:37 AM
-If you’re a Sprint user, you get extra 24 privileges in the form of behind the scenes and extra seasons. I’ve no doubt that some people take advantage of that. On the other hand, I be the number of die-hard 24 fans that have switched to Sprint JUST to get that access is probably under 100… How can that be checked?
7:41 AM
-It’s cool the terrorists injected something into Hasan before they started torturing him. Vitamin C, right?
-Let me tell you the most predictable way this is going to end. Either RIGHT before or RIGHT after Hasan is killed, they bust in the door.
-They’re able to tell the temperature of the light which allows them to know it’s sunlight. On the live stream from the internet.
7:46 AM
7:52 AM
-They’re just wasting time. The terrorists have been jabbering for what, at least 7 minutes. I feel disrespected.
-Good thing CTU has that handy dandy terrorist detector, or else they wouldn’t be able to find the terrorists.
-And I guess they were too late.
7:59 AM

In case you’re confused about what just happened, let me explain it. The whole narrative style of the show is based on the idea of real-time action. That means, that what you see is what’s happening at a specific time. Except in this case, what was happening wasn’t happening in real time. It happened sometime earlier. Either that, or they let the terrorists kill Hasan and escape during the commercial break. It should be unforgivable… I hate myself for watching this show.

24 Season 8 Episode 15 6 AM – 7 AM and Episode 16 7 AM – 8 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 15 6 AM – 7 AM and Episode 16 7 AM – 8 AM Live Blog

  1. Mike says:

    Jesus Christ, not only does CTU security team suck absolute monkey dick at shooting, they also apparently don’t know how to take cover. Unreal


  2. scott says:

    so i know this season (and last season) is horrible, but i am totally going to miss this blog when it’s all said and done. 😦


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