Marshmallow Peeps Links

This article about a new Peeps related lawsuit, and this post on how to make Peepshi are as good a reason as any to repost my Peeps related research from last year: Marshmallow Peeps On the Internet – A Study. Follow that link to find 155+ different information sources about Marshmallow Peeps. An excerpt:

From Boing Boing, the (Masters of Internet Peepness), Mike Leavitt’s Anna Nicole Smith Rest in Peeps. Mike also did Barack Obama in Peeps. Other Peeps art can be found at David Ottogalli’s PeepsShow. It gets a little wackier at Skoozot Gallery and Fanpop Peeps, but Painting Each Day plays it a little straighter. And we mustn’t forget Peeps photography. Pink Pickled Peep is one of the weirder Peep art pieces I saw, and if you’re in Milwaukee, you might remember Peep Show which hasn’t happened for years, but is apparently happening again this year? I just don’t know what to do with these Motorbot Dunneeps, but they’re so cute, as are these Peepachus.

I would call marshmallow Peeps ‘the Bacon of the nineties’ for the way they captured the hearts and minds of internet users everywhere. Both bacon and Peeps are bad for you and delicious, and for some reason, that makes the crazy things you do with them so viral. Much Traditional Media ink has been spilled attempting to chronicle the Peep phenomenon and none of it has gotten any closer to figuring it out than any of the more recent coverage of the bacon meme. You can view some of the attempts in Salon , The Phoenix, Slate, More Intelligent Life, and the New York Times. Here’s a Brand Study of Peeps upon the brand’s 50th anniversary, which was in 2003. Read more


Creepy as hell!

Marshmallow Peeps Links

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