Early Thoughts on Netflix on the Wii

I was excited to get the email Friday morning indicating my disc for watching Netflix movies had shipped and would arrive this past Saturday. The “Watch Instantly” feature isn’t one I’ve taken too much advantage of because I don’t like watching movies on the computer unless I’m traveling. I’ve now used the Watch Instantly on the Wii app a couple times and have a few thoughts:

-I don’t know if there was a ‘Watch Instantly Queue’ before, but having one now is pretty cool, especially for TV series. There’s less urgency to the Watch Instantly Queue.
-Watching TV series on Netflix has historically meant having to wait for the next disc. Watch Instantly solves that problems.
-Expanding ‘Watch Instantly’ to a new crop of users is going to put pressure on Netflix to offer better movies. I THINK that’s behind an agreement they signed with the studios to wait 28 days before offering a movie to their at home subscribers in exchange for more movies for ‘Watch Instantly’. I could have all the details wrong.
-There isn’t a search on the Wii app, but that’s because typing sucks on the Wii. In fact, not having to log in to my Netflix account on my Wii was one of the pleasant surprises when I tried it for the first time.
-Browsing for movies on the Wii app is OK, but the movie images should probably be bigger and clearer.
-Plus, as reminded by the comment from APik below, you can manage your queue directly from the computer without having to mess with the browse feature of the Wii app.
-Am I doing it wrong, or does the movie picture always display in TV format? Send help.
-This is the future.

SO far, so good. I’m extremely satisfied.

One thing I forgot was fast forwarding/rewinding. The ability to resume watching from where you stopped in the middle of a movie negates this somewhat, but fast forwarding through the “Last week on” and the title sequence is annoying.

Early Thoughts on Netflix on the Wii

0 thoughts on “Early Thoughts on Netflix on the Wii

  1. Aaron Pik says:

    My wife and I have also been enjoying this. Our tactic is to use our laptop to add things we want to watch to our “Watch instantly queue” so they’re easily found in the “Queue” tab in the Wii interface.

    The “watch instantly” list has been on the site for a while, but unless you watched a lot of stuff instantly I think it would’ve been easy to miss.

    FYI: Steve McQueen in “Bullitt” is available for instant viewing. This is an excellent movie, I highly recommend it.


  2. sistercoyote says:

    I don’t know for sure, because I don’t have the disk yet, but if it’s similar to the Silverlight player, you should be able to select “view full screen” on the bottom right-hand corner.


  3. bravesjade says:

    I’m not 100% sure on this, but as I have a Wii and a PS3, my assumption is this: the PS3 is high-def, with an hdmi connector cable. Both games and movies display in widescreen. Wii’s are not built for HD, and the connector cables are the standard red/yellow/white deal, so even if you select a letterbox title, you’re going to get the vertical black bars on the side of a widescreen tv unless you change the aspect ratio on your tv display (which would stretch the image and hurt the resolution). However, I only have the PS3 watch instantly disc, so these are only assumptions on my part.


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