24 Season 8 Episode 14 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

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All I remember from last week is that there was a firefight where 2 million rounds of ammunition were fired without anyone getting shot and Starbuck is a mole reprising a character that has appeared on what, 6 of 8 seasons? I mean… They should really try some new plot twists, these ones are tired.

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5:00 AM
-It’s so awesome when you have a mole because you can to whatever you want.
-Am I off on this? Hasan’s security files had tons of information on the people doing working with the nuclear rods. They had NO idea there was a mole inside CTU? Shouldn’t Starbuck be in those files?
-“I can no longer guarantee the safety of Manhattan.”
-Shouldn’t they at least attempt some sort of evacuation.
5:07 AM
5:08 AM
5:10 AM
5:14 AM
-Wait… How did Jack Bauer get there in 4 minutes? Wasn’t he on the New Jersey side of the river?
5:15 AM
-Good thing the terrorist is on a phone that’s scrambled and impossible to trace. Because… The phones are only traceable when it works.
-There’s got to be a much better way to stage a coup than how these guys are doing it.
-There are only 150K people in 40 square blocks? That doesn’t sound like a lot of people.
-“Facts on the ground.”
-“Caving to any terrorist demand weakens this nation.” Unlike the last couple years when they do it?
-President Taylor just had her Independence Day moment.
5:21 AM
-Now these guys are talking about sedition. What’s the difference between sedition and treason?
5:24 AM
5:28 AM
-I bet if that general knew Jack Bauer was protecting Hasan, they would think differently about trying to attack the security detail.
-FYI, 6:15 AM is the deadline.
-24 blew up a nuke in California a couple years ago. Would they blow up NYC, too? Bold.
-“He’s up an against an elite team who would take him by surprise.” Words to live by! Jack Bauer is going to FUCK THEM UP.
-Haha. caught in the Principal’s office!
-Nice that Ethan had Jack Bauer on speed dial.
-I think he’s faking a heart attack. Right?
-Why doesn’t Jack Bauer call someone else?
5:36 AM
5:41 AM
-Why doesn’t the wet team just use snipers instead of having a kill zone?
5:42 AM
-Or gas? Why don’t they use sleeping gas.
-Why doesn’t the security detail have bigger weapons?
-Why don’t they all retreat? Seems like they probably could put together a pretty strong defensive position?
5:46 AM
-They were under attack for about 4 minutes without anyone radioing for help? None of this makes any sense. Also, last week there was a 40 minute firefight where no one got shot. 6 people just died in 3 minutes.
5:51 AM
-Why does Jack have smoke bomb, but no assault weapons?
-Jack Bauer Knockdown Count is + 3 for this firefight.
-I couldn’t be more critical of how that firefight played out. I mean… For real. And Jack Bauer made a phone call only 10 minutes ago. Why does he need to be on street level?
5:59 AM

What can you say? The show keeps shitting on us. And we keep scooping it up to eat more. Nom nom.

24 Season 8 Episode 14 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 14 5 AM – 6 AM Live Blog

  1. Michael says:

    Ya know, you’d think CTU would see all of these sat-phone and private calls to Starbucks personal cell, and raise some questions/awareness…


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