Chuck Klosterman on Stephen Malkmus

In continuing my near breathless documentation of Chuck Klosterman’s online presence, here he is interviewing Stephen Malkmus from Pavement in GQ. Pavement is reuniting this year, which Zach Baron in Slate says marks “the end of baby boomer cultural hegemony“. This might not mark the end, and it might not even mark the middle of the end, but it might, perhaps, mark the beginning of the end, which I’m all for. Back to Klosterman on Malkmus:

In fact, he looks like someone playing Stephen Malkmus in an ill-conceived Cameron Crowe movie: He’s unshaven, he’s wearing Pony high-tops that no longer exist on the open market, and his baseball cap promotes the Silver Jews. His T-shirt features the logo of the Joggers, a Portland band whose greatest claim to fame is being mentioned in a GQ story about Stephen Malkmus eating at a Thai-sandwich shop.

It occurs to me that Klosterman is the best rock writer going right now, by which I mean he’s my favorite and I don’t read any others. Are there any others I should look in to? In any case, enjoy.

Chuck Klosterman on Stephen Malkmus

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