24 Season 8 Episode 13 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

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CTU is all ‘sploded from electric bombz! ZOMG.

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4:00 AM
-“Full damage report.” How about “EVERYTHING!”
-Why is that NSA dude, Phil, working at 4AM?
-Hasan’s daughter has had a hell of a whiplash day, no?
4:08 AM
-Oh, yeah. In the previews we saw Jack Bauer kicking ass with a machine gun…
-Those other CTU dudes are definitely going to die. That’s certain.
-“That’s Jack Bauer! Ex-CTU, he was one of their best agents.” One of their best? Er…
4:12 AM
That’s more shooting than we’ve seen in a while…
4:16 AM
-“The pumps are down?” Why does CTU have pumps?
-Where did the NSA come from? They literally got there in 16 minutes? “The senior engineer” “best men”? Why were those guys working?
-Wait, those NSA guys are bad guys, right? Yes.. They’re bad.
4:18 AM
-Where the F, did those NSA guys come from in 16 minutes?
-“A fresh batch of cell phones.” Right?
-Chloe the Rhino is going to be unleashed by that NSA engineer…
-Wait, Renee is still awake? Am I the only one that realizes it’s 4 AM?
4:23 AM
4:28 AM
-The parole officer is so creepy. Creepy creepy Randy Quaid.
4:30 AM
-Chloe the Rhino. See.
-Oh yeah. There’s still a gun battle. “They’re starting to flank us.” WTF have they been waiting for?
-That CTU agent that said, “The armor’s not going to hold up” is going to beak it for everyone.
-And himself.
-And now they’re remaking Saving Private Ryan.
4:35 AM
4:39 AM
-Remember Jack Bauer and Cole are in the situation they’re in because that CTU agent couldn’t keep his shit together.
-I think the guy who plays Hasan is like 5’2″, but his hair is very big.
-Tapping directly into the trunk line is a catastrophe waiting to happen. FYI.
4:42 AM
-Is Chloe even an employee of
-Oh, I get it. If Chloe fixes the trunk line, Starbuck will get busted again.
4:46 AM
Hearing predictions that Chloe dies tonight. I said that would be shocking. Get it?
4:50 AM
-Hastings just gave the NSA dude a look like, “I told you.”
-Chloe getting electrocuted could happen. I could see that.
4:52 AM
-“I’m in command here, you understand?”
-Jack Bauer got shot in the bullet proof vest, what’s the big deal…
-Good thing Renee found them..
-“Still got a real good shot at finding them.” WTF, they went across the river about 40 minutes ago.
-“I’m not good with praise.”
4:56 AM
-Oh, Starbuck.
-She’s going to kill him.
-How long exactly can you leave a creepy parole guy in the wall?
-Oh, of course. Starbuck is the mole. That’s a pretty new plot twist. They haven’t done that in 2 seasons or something.
4:59 AM

You just. I can’t. What. No. I can’t. This show is 8 seasons old and in at least half of the seasons, the lead terrorist prevention organization in the country has had a mole. They need better fucking background checks. I can’t blame the writers, they may be totally disrespectful of me, but it’s my own fault, right? Bullshit.

24 Season 8 Episode 13 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 13 4 AM – 5 AM Live Blog

  1. thepassenger says:

    Those terrorist dudes sure had a lot of ammo, you know? The CTU contingent, you can buy it because they had the truck with all the gear and all that standard field-ops stuff, but they got fired on for the better part of an hour.

    Did anyone else think it was completely ridiculous that not one of the four CTU guys with their big semi-autos was able to hit one terrorist in all that time, yet when badass Renee shows up, she picks them all off with just her pistol like so many tin cans on a fence? Just sayin’.

    One more thought: what if Dana is some kind of double agent? Mwah, the mind reels, but at this point I’m ready to consider just about anything.


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