24 Season 8 Episode 12 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

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Last week there was the best “Scenes from next week” preview in 8 seasons. Not sure why it took them so long. I’m not sure why I’m still watching. News came this week that the show was getting canceled. One can only hope it gets canceled in the middle of this episode.

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3:00 AM
-Well, that’s a big change. You think Hasan’s daughter might be rethinking her choices now?
-Also, what’s with this rogue police Sargent?
3:08 AM
-The hotel only has one camera?
-5 NYPD just went down from the super terrorist.
-Jack Bauer can’t see there’s no one in the cab? He got hoodwinked!
-That last scene there. The terrorist called the other terrorist doing
3:11 AM
3:15 AM
-“Electronic intercept team.” Last week they were behind the times. Now I bet they’re about to be ahead of them.
-Starbuck is the worst CTU agent of all time. Leaving in the middle of a shift. Constant cell phone usage. Visitors….
-Starbuck is a pretty good liar I guess.
-They were able to pull prints from the break in from about 6 or 7 hours ago? AMAZING!
3:22 AM
3:27 AM
-If Starbuck ends up killing the parole officer… Well, then.
-Are they going to say they can’t pinpoint the location of the phone because the walls are too thick?
-I guess they probably shouldn’t have made them put the File 33 onto the screen in front of everyone.
-Why don’t they send File 33, an edited version.
-Oh, Jack Bauer is way behind me.
3:33 AM
-Here’s another thought. The nuclear codes probably should have some sort of failsafe so in this type of situation, they could just…change the codes.
-Why do they put the girl right in the window and then talk in front of it?
-I’m curious who is in charge in all of this. It seems like the head of security would be the one on top.
3:35 AM
3:39 AM
-Starbuck keeps screwing this up.
-Here’s the future technology happening right now.
-I’m sure the parole officer definitely takes precedent in the national security crisis.
3:45 AM
-The master terrorist has a soft spot. I know it. I bet he gets shot.
-Just so we’re clear, this is the same master terrorist that took out 5 NYPD Swat peeps.
-Yup. Shot. What did I say?
3:47 AM
3:51 AM
-When you’re a terrorist and you lose your leverage, you must have this giant sinking feeling in your chest…
3:53 AM
-The terrorists escaped in 5 minutes and no one saw anything. No one can move that fast. They brought all their equipment and everything.
3:56 AM
-Can’t she use some obscure terroristic protection law to detain the parole officer.
-It was all a set up. The bombs are in the car they escaped in!
-Dana takes the car out.
-They had 16 seconds and they could have moved the car. Why did it take them so long?
-Also, why use an EMP instead of a giant bomb? Wouldn’t a bomb be easier to get than an EMP?
-Also, who knew CTU was so close to downtown New York?
4:00 AM

It definitely would have been better if Dana tried to get the EMP out of the tunnel and then died while failing. Or maybe not died. Again, this episode was better than the rest of the season, but it was still so full of stupid.

24 Season 8 Episode 12 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 12 3 AM – 4 AM Live Blog

  1. Michael says:

    Shit! Forgot it was on tonight – just tuned in…I see the daughter didn’t make it to the hotel…what else did I miss? Did the plot change yet!? Aaron you gotta start sending out email notifications again like last year! And what’s this about the show being cancelled!?


  2. Michael says:

    Ohh nevermind – we new this was gonna be the last season of 24 last year, and that a movie was next up…ppl are making it seem like they’re going to cancel the show mid-season, like NBC did with My own worst enemy. Sucks because that show was very will written…I personally loved it.


  3. Dan says:

    Would have liked to have seen Hastings die trying to get the bomb out of the tunnel…Past directors (Almeida, Mason, Buchannon, and of course Jack) would have all done that…makes Hastings seem soft


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