24 Season 8 Episode 11 2 AM – 3 AM Live Blog

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Sigh. I don’t know if this can go on. I say that, but I don’t know if I mean it.

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2:00 AM
-Just realized I haven’t been paying attention. I don’t think I’ve missed anything.
-So we should have some sort of climax with the bomber by 2:40 AM.
-HAHAHAHA. Starbuck is going to break up with Freddy Prinz, Jr because he’s not the man she fell in love with. That is AWESOME.
-Starbuck and Cole are the best at what they do. I disagree. Strong.
2:08 AM
2:13 AM
-I just want say that it figures that there’s no CTU perimeter around the hospital. Also, it figures the terrorist could just hack into the hospital security. Also, it figures that Jack Bauer would just hang out there, not much more he could be doing?
-“On the systems ethernet port.” OK.
2:15 AM
-Wait, if this guy just wants to talk… That’s going to keep him from fiddling with his detonator, right?
-Also, why is he looking at the camera? How does he know where it is? Also, why doesn’t Jack Bauer get his Imam friend from DC on the phone?
2:18 AM
These commercials for Justified on FX make me want to watch Deadwood again.
2:23 AM
-That lady is soaking wet. Are they in a sauna? Why is she soaking wet?
-In this world, not answering the phone means you CAN’T check voicemail. Hassan should have someone calling her phone every 2 minutes until she picks up.
-Hassan sort of talks like Sean Connery.
2:26 AM
-Man. Too bad it took Markos’ mother over an hour to leave the house. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to use her.
-Also, the door should be opened in around 12 minutes.
2:29 AM
2:33 AM
2:34 AM
-Oh man, it’s that guy. I guess Starbuck’s still using her cell phone at CTU.
2:37 AM
-Seriously. I think I hate Starbuck more on this show than I did on BSG. Actually. I don’t know if that’s true because Starbuck did an awesome job of not making me care about her story earlier in the year.
-Markos doesn’t really seem to have the constitution for this type of adventure… He’s conflicted.
-The they way they give out immunity on this show, why didn’t they offer Markos immunity or something?
-That was some awesome Jack Bauer quotations. Stuff like, “If you knew who I was and what I’ve done in my life…” “What happens to your mother is because of you. Only you.” “Truth is, I’m not really. Not anymore. I’m a specialist they brought in for the day.”
-I think we’ll give Jack Bauer a JBKC for that. Pushing Markos into the chamber with 3 seconds left.
2:49 AM
2:53 AM
-Shouldn’t Jack Bauer have confirmed that Hassan was alone before saying “Your Director of Security is in charge of the fuel rods.”
2:55 AM
-That guy just took the FASTEST shower EVER. How did he do that?
3:00 AM

I’m happy to report that this was the best episode in weeks. Also, the scenes from next week with what was going to happen at different times was quite compelling. How did it take them 178 episodes to decide that would be a good way to do the scenes from next week?

24 Season 8 Episode 11 2 AM – 3 AM Live Blog

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