24 Season 8 Episode 10 1 AM – 2 AM Live Blog

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I’m really not sure why I keep watching. I really don’t. And I know you don’t want to read me talking about that, but for some reason I can’t stop watching. I think it’s tradition. I think it’s nostalgia. Regardless of the lead-in saying, “24 keeps getting better,” it really isn’t. It keeps getting worse. And worse. And worse.

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

1:00 AM
-I missed what the dude that looks like Tony Almeda was saying.
-Is he a bad guy?
-Freddy Prinz and Starbuck are a BAD team.
1:07 AM
-“Your brother has no reason to lie…We have to assume he’s telling the truth.” Uh… if this is true, if they really think this, the government in 24land is crazy as balls.
-Isn’t it likely that Fahrad just wants to figure out who the agents are?
1:10 AM
1:12 AM
1:17 AM
-Seriously? Seriously? Jason Schwartzman made it that easy to get shot?
-And CTU can’t find the rest of the peeps? Gah!
1:19 AM
-This happened last season. The guy’s dying and they keep him alive so he can be interrogated.
-Good to see Cisco is still a sponsor.
-“10s of thousands”? Is there any square mile in Manhattan that ONLY has 10s of thousands of people?
-If CTU thinks the rods aren’t in Manhattan, why don’t they shut down all entry into Manhattan? They’ve done that before. Not CTU, no, the real government.
1:23 AM
-That dude is probably going to kidnap the daughter and blackmail the president, right?
-Also, why did it take so long to download the files?
1:25 AM
1:29 AM
-Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the CTU agents covering up a murder scene. You know why? Because this side story is stupid and boring.
-“Let’s get the other body and get cleaned up before heading back to CTU.” Er… You probably have blood on you and you DEFINITELY just got lake all over yourself. How do you expect to get cleaned up?
-“What about us?” Well, you know what they say, when you cover up a couple of murders with your fiance, that relationship probably isn’t going to last.
1:32 AM
1:34 AM
-“The hook has been baited.” Good to know CTU talks in metaphors.
1:35 AM
1:39 AM
-Shouldn’t President Taylor say something like, “I’m sorry your brother died.”
1:42 AM
-Ah man. THIS happened last year too. The hospital attack.
-Well, I assume CTU isn’t expecting a suicide bomber. Just saying.
-SERIOUSLY? Renee is calling him now and Jack Bauer’s picking it up?
-It took a season and a half, but Jack Bauer is finally going to go for it with Renee.
-Owen the CTU Agent is kind a weak link, isn’t he?
-It seems like that dude holding the detonator in his hand like that… Would be so easy to just flip it out of his hand.
-It’s pretty awesome that CTU can disarm the detonator from afar. I mean… Why are they worried about the nuclear rods, just disarm the detonator on the bomb.
1:51 AM
-What the hell do they need to see the vest for?
-Maybe those guards should put their helmet on?
1:54 AM
-DDR configuration? Er… The East Germans didn’t use suicide vests.
-Owen’s going to get it, too.
-He’s going out the window.
-Smart enough to go into a hyperbaric chamber?
-Just take the screws off the door.
2:00 AM

None of this changes the fact that Owen is almost certainly going to die before the end of the season.

24 Season 8 Episode 10 1 AM – 2 AM Live Blog

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