0 thoughts on “I Can Walk Like A Penguin

  1. Lisa E. says:

    Granted, you posted this a week ago, but I’m just reading it now, and I swear that only an hour ago I uttered the sentence, “It’s fun to find out what makes an ocean wave wave.” Nobody I was talking to had any reaction.


  2. Terry Duerod says:


    For YEARS my brother and I have been trying to locate a Boston-area PSA that used to air either on Channels 56 or 38.

    It was about kids getting wasted, and showed a guy making a jackass of himself, figuratively and eventually literally, with the classic line “He’s the best freakin’ guy!”

    Do you know where we can find this, or can you help locate it and post it? I now live in Los Angeles, and know several former Bostonians who would love to see that.


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