24 Season 8 Episode 9 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

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I totally missed last week, and you know what? I don’t care. This season has been the worst of them all and it’s going on the same track as all the other seasons. I posit that that I can start watching this week and it won’t be a big deal. Apparently, Jack Bauer killed some peeps last week. Anyone know how many?

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We’ll get going below the fold at 9PM EST.

12:00 AM
-I’m surprised the father flipped so quickly. He used to be so cold-blooded. 3 hours ago.
-Why would it take so long to trace the cell phone call? That was like 3 minutes or so.
-Here’s the technology CTU just showed us. They want to trace a cell phone call and they can’t do it after 3 minutes. But there’s a cell phone left on on the ground, and they catch a snippet of a conversation, 10 seconds maybe, and they can figure out who it is? That seems…far fetched.
-Wait, Jack Bauer and Renee?
12:08 AM
-Ooooh. Agro security adviser is agro.
-My guess is that Jack Bauer gets into it with Kristin Smith. That’s just me.
12:10 AM
12:14 AM
-STILL don’t care about the Starbuck storyline. 24 hasn’t done a good job of creating sympathy in her character.
12:16 AM
-Party van.
-So Starbuck couldn’t stand up to the ex-boyfriend, but she’s going to kill 4 people instead of letting them get arrested?
-Good stuff!
-So Kristin Smith want’s to restrict surveillance of the interview, but she also wants video record… Hmmmm. Uh. That makes my head bend.
12:19 AM
-Fahrad is getting couped out, huh?
-BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRING. We’ve already seen the
-“Even a giant can get toppled by a single stone.” I don’t understand any of this. Basically Fahrad’s plan was to have the weapons in case the US wanted to invade. And they’re saying that if they use the weapons the US will invade. How does blowing up a bomb make the US not invade?
12:22 AM
Just a warning. I got put on notice that if Ice Dancing comes on, the 24 Live Blog will be put on hold.
12:27 AM
-Jack Bauer said he’d be there by now.
-Oh, there he is.
12:31 AM
-Well, we’ll give Jack Bauer a JBKC for that security guard.
-Where’s Hastings?
-Jack Bauer TASERED. And from I saw last week. Tasered again.
12:32 AM
-That was Fahrad’s plan? Knock the dude out and run away? What is he afraid of? I mean… Is he trying to get away? Or is he trying to find people to get his rods back.
12:35 AM
12:39 AM
-Jack Bauer’s “I’ll call the President” card just got played.
-How does Fahrad have a secure phone?
-This… doesn’t make any sense. Why is Fahrad so eager to get away from the rods?
12:42 AM
-Starbuck and Freddy Prinz, Jr are… this is awful TV. Just awful.
12:45 AM
12:49 AM
-These terrorists aren’t very good. And Fahrad is stupid. He should have called CTU while he was with the terrorists and told them how to find the rods. And also, how did he have CTU’s cell phone? There’s so much bad of this show.
-Agent Owen is going to die. He’s like the guy in Star Trek that was always going to die after getting teleported.
-Jack Bauer was a director of CTU? Really? When?
-“Kevin promised…” Er, Starbuck is dumb.
-“What’s in your hand?” Freddy Prinz is a bad agent if he’s just now finding her gun.
-What kind of accent is Freddy Prinz using? I’ve never heard it.
-Kevin’s buddy is not right… I mean… What would he think he could do to Starbuck?
-And I guess Starbuck still loves him, huh?
12:59 AM

Just so you know, I’m shaking my head in disgust.

24 Season 8 Episode 9 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

0 thoughts on “24 Season 8 Episode 9 12 AM – 1 AM Live Blog

  1. Rosie says:

    Jack Bauer was a director of CTU? Really? When?

    Season One. He was director of the CTU Los Angeles Office.

    In Season Three, he was co-director, sharing power with Tony Almeida. Jack headed the field operations and Tony headed the intelligence operations.

    As for Jack’s dealings with Kristin Smith – what a dumb fucking thing to do. He deserved to have his ass tasered.


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