0 thoughts on “Peyton Manning’s Interception Quote

  1. nicolemarie says:

    i think he is cute. that is in my opinion. he is handsome and i think he is great. but even through he didnt win the superbowl this year maybe next year he can get it again and win it…. i think that he is amazing and he sould stay with the indianapolis colts…. he is the best football player i have ever seeen and he dezerves some fans to cheer him on…


  2. nicolemarie says:

    peyton is great, he kicks butt, he is awsome, so lets cheer him on… wooooooooo go cold/peyton manning/ and the rest of team…. mwa?


  3. tatianna says:

    i loooooovvve peyton manning he is the greatest quaterback of all times n he’s very cute when he pouts i love it i love peyton and he’s gonna get another superbowl wit da colts i know it cause he peyton he could do it indy just need a stronger defense n some more players to get da ball to n the colts will be unstoppable go peyton i love u


  4. tatianna says:

    peyton better than tom brady by the way three superbowls dont mean nothin tom brady a great quaterback love him but peyton better tom jus got dat defense to back him up n this year he got a dominate offensive line with rookie tight end rob gronkowski doing it big out there on the field n danny woodhead runningback as well doing it so dats wat my peyton needs n dat defense to support him


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